Love in the Tim of Quarantine...Not Cholera...


MINDblow.pngED. This is our first of hopefully many posts in which Minnesota triathletes discuss how they are handling life in the pandemic lane. The author is Nikki Dostert Sudberry, and her article is truly fantastic. Enjoy.


By Nikki Dostert Sudberry - aka "Ginger Chewbaca - (gingertriathlete.worpress.com)

While our world struggles to stay physically healthy some struggle mentally. For many, workouts and racing are a form of stress relief. During this immensely stressful time we are tasked to stand still, lay low with no physical contact and no end date in sight. We watch our family and friends struggle and wait…

March 12th was sunny in Puerto Rico and that morning I set out for my pre race OWS and run. It was Thursday and my tenth 70.3 was to take place Sunday the 15th. ..

By that afternoon the governor had spoken about canceling all events over 250 people so I knew it was only a matter of time before Ironman had reached the athletes about the news. To be honest I wasn’t surprised or upset. This was the right decision; the world now had a major problem with the rapid spreading virus and racing could have made things so much worse. But as the days went on so did death and disease counts, people losing their jobs, stay in place orders were set and more races being canceled. A sadness started. Impeding doom. A loss; no goals. Life as I had known it only one week before was now up in the air like tiny molecules. There was no sense of control and definitely not enough answers.

Quarantine, corona virus, COVID-19, toilet paper & Tiger King. These were the headlines in the news and so I began my Tiger King marathon.

It dawned on me “with everything going on in the world and with Carole Baskin’s husband possibly being fed to tigers, I need another focus.”   READ MORE

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