"It's a Girl!"


ED. MTN congratulates 2019 Minnesota Rookie of the Year Page Schulz on the upcoming birth of her second child.

By Paige Schulz (strava.com)

The biggest news of my second trimester: It's a GIRL. Wow, did I ever have to wrestle mentally with this news. I am so happy and excited baby is a she now, but it took me a bit to come around to the news. It was no secret that I was team boy. I am so smitten with my adorable little bouncing two-year-old boy who gets excited about the simplest things in life. I pictured getting another version of him and his future best friend. I just assumed that since Brennen and I each are one of three of the same sex, we would have a same sex sibling family too. (Not how this works.)

Brennen on the other hand has been team girl for years, even before Jack’s birth. I asked him what he is looking forward to most with a daughter, and he said the teenage years. LOLOLOL. He clearly didn’t have a sister and must have had fabulous high school relationship experiences. (Cough, me and one other girl. Ha. I wonder what my MIL would say about this. 😉) The teenage years are what I am most terrified for (besides a potential early age obsession with Disney princesses). He thinks our family dynamic will be different since she will have an older brother to keep her in line. Fingers crossed....

We didn’t find out the sex during our first pregnancy mostly because we were preparing for a baby – not a boy or girl. We didn’t want to get adorable boy or girl baby clothing for my showers. We needed baby things! In the end though Brennen thought waiting until birth day to find out was anticlimactic. Though really, he may have just had a tinge of disappointment when the baby girl he wanted was a boy. ;) Jack was also swooped away to the special care unit briefly after birth due to low oxygen levels, so the announcement of his sex was quick, and there wasn’t much time to celebrate. For this baby we knew that we either were completely set with all the baby boy clothing or we were going to need girl clothing (yay hand-me-downs from my sister and SIL!). We also thought that finding out this baby’s sex would deepen the connection we have to her earlier on. (It definitely has.) At my 20-week OB, we had the ultrasound tech give us the little card with baby #2’s sex and headed to the local cupcake shop to read it just the two of us. It could not have been more perfect. (I have gotten a few "yay! one of each" comments from random people. I mostly just smile and nod back. But: No, we do not feel like this baby will complete our family. Yes, I want baby #3 to be a girl because she needs a sister. And I love my sisters with all my heart. Not lying – I was a little sad to get married because I didn’t want Brennen to replace my sister.)  READ MORE

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