Rookies of the Year. Where Are They Now?


jennycroc.pngOur next two posts are about the 28 athletes who have earned the title, "Minnesota Rookie of the Year."

Where are they now? And are they still racing? Interestingly, less than half of the ROYs are still tr-ing and/or du-ing.

Here's what we know:  ...

Rookie of the Year: 2010 - 2019 

2019 – Paige Schulz - Made Team Minnesota last season and appears poised to follow in the footsteps of Hanna Grinaker, Kortney Haag and Dani Vsetecka as our state's national-class female long distance triathletes.
2018 – Heather Taylor - Moved to Colorado after the 2018 season. We were unable to find any 2019 race results.nickyny.png
2016 – Hanna Grinaker - A two-time Minnesota Triathlete of the Year, Hanna is truly one of our country's premier amateur multisportswoman, and will be for years o come.
2015 – Dani Vsetecka - A special talent who, unfortunately, has been plagued by injuries. When healthy, she races at a national-class level.
2014 – Nick Nygaard (photo R) - Cool guy who left the sport after two seasons to concentrate on his first love: running.
2013 – Nicole Heininger - Nicole has lived a rather itinerant lifestyle the last few years. She resides in Madison, Wisconsin now. She still races at a high level, and we hope she will continue race on the correct side of the Mississippi River from time to time..

2012 – Heather Lendway - Heather didn't have a long career, but what she had was magnificent. Accolades include: 2013 and 2014 National Amateur Champion, 2014 ITU World Champion, 2015 US Pro Rookie of the Year.

2011 - Ruth Brennan Morrey - Like Lendway, RBM's career wasn't long, but it was chock full of major successes. She has a world title under her belt, and has been named US Duathete of the Year, both pro and amateur, on multiple occasions. She is also our state's all-time fastest long distance female athlete, with an IM PR of 9:02:28, and a 70.3 best of 4:13.

2010 – Jenny Shaughnessy (Top photo with giant croc) - Jenny moved to North Carolina after her rookie season, where she did graduate work at Duke University and fell in love and eventually got married then relocated to Colorado. We suspect that she her racing life is focused mainly on swimming.


COMING NEXT: Rookies of the Year: 1999 - 2009. Where are they now?

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