Another National Award for Patrick?


Basppwinning.pnged on our research, three men, all of whom are upper Midwesterners, appear to be slam-dunk finalists for USA Triathlon's 2019 Duathlete of the Year. They are RYAN GIULIANO (IL), 2018 DOY TODD BUCKINGHAM (MI), and Mnnesota's PATRICK PARISH, a four-time DOY, thrice as an Elite, once as an AGer.

Buckingham, a totally cool guy, won Sprint Nationals and placed 2nd at Draft Legal Nats. These results appear to be the extent of his du racing in 2019, thus an Honorable Mention is probably the best he could hope for.

Patrick's du resume was slightly more voluminous, and featured victories at Standard Distance Du Nationals, our country's most competitive run-bike-run, and the resurrected Gear West Du, plus a silver medal effort at Apple.

Good enough for another DOY nod?

We hope so, but reckon that Giuliano will win the prize. If we are correct, Patrick will have to settle for an HM.

Here is Ryan's 2019 Du scorecard:   ...



- 1st @ Apple Duathlon - Course Recordryangrunning.png

- 3rd @ Standard Distance Du Nationals

- 3rd @ Sprint Distance Du Nationals

- 3rd @ Draft Legal Du Nationals

- 10th @ Powerman Zofingen Long Distance Worlds

Giuliano's Apple win was HUGE. Not only did he outrace Parish (2nd), he lowered the AG course record, and his time was actually faster than David Thompson's long-standing (2010) pro CR. This info, however, is not something that the USAT Selectors would be aware of. They would note, though, that he beat the reigning Standard distance National Champion. Adding that to three Nationals podiums would probably give RG an edge, and if it didn't, his Top 10 at Zofingen doubtlessly would.

UNLESS Ryan's Powerman performance wasn't eligible for consideration. Why? He raced in the Elite wave there. The question is, did he need a pro license to do so. It's possible he did not. And if he was the only non-pro in the Elite field, it should be noted that he outraced all of the age groupers, the closest of whom (Belgium's Diederik Derijcke) was 9:23 in arrears.

Excluding his Zofingen result, we'd suggest that Patrick and Ryan be named co-DOYs. But our suggestions carry no weight. We suspect that for USAT, Giuliano's successful performances in all three of their National championship races would be sufficeint to earn him the DOY. 

If his Zofingen result is applicable, Ryan is the clear choice, and we totally support his selection.


Photo R - Ryan Giuliano en route to victory at Apple.




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