2019 Team Minnesota: Men...


MINNESOTA MULTISPORT HONORS - As with the women's list, the men's Team Minnesota roster did not resemble those of past seasons. Missing from the 2018 team were WADE CRUSER and MATT PAYNE, who took the year off, TED TREISE, who turned pro, and KEVIN O'CONNOR and SAM HAUCK, whose racing volume was insufficient. This left plenty of room for other athletes to, as they say, "step up."

As with the women, high/low ranking numbers are included parenthetically.

1. PATRICK PARISH, 34, Minneapolis (1-1) - Five wins, including a National title, and thre MMHs made Patrick the clear choice for the Top Spot here. He was not beaten by a fellow Minnesotan in 2019.

2. JOSH MORK, 36, Lino Lakes (2-2) - Two of his three wins were at the half IM distance, both breakout performances. Nipping Andy Zabel for the Most Improved honor, Josh rose from an 11th-place ranking in 2018 to 2nd this year.

3. JOSH BLANKENHEIM, 39, Duluth (3-3) - Winner of three of the six regional triathlons he entered in 2019, plus podiums at Heart of the Lakes and Lake Minnetonka made Josh a slam-dunk TOY nominee, and a Top 4 Team Minnesota selection.

4. SEAN COOLEY, 33, St. Paul (4-5)- On the strength of his win at Buffalo Olympic and his POY-nominated victory at High Cliff Half IM (4:07:34), Sean was able to claim the final TOY nomination and a spot in the Top 4 of Team MInnesota....


5. ANDY ZABEL, 39, Sartell (4-6) - Two of the five selectors believed that Andy deserved a TOY nomination. More impressive than his four wins were his 3rd at Chisago (4:13:40 - PR) and his 4ths against the best athletes in our region at Apple and Lake Minnetonka.

6. JORDAN ROBY, 28, Wayzata (5-8) - JR distinguished himself at Buffalo Olympic, Madison 70.3 and Ironman Canada.

7. BROOKS GROSSINGER, 42, Mayer (6-8) - Five starts consisting of two wins (one course record), two 2nds and a 5th at Apple. An obvious Team Minnesota pick.

8. JAKE KEEHAN, 30, Maple Grove (6-8) - Two podiums, a 4th and a 5th in regional action, where he was beaten only by athletes on this list, demonstrate an exciting trajectory for Jake. The former collegiate runner will win races in 2020.

9. DAN ARLANDSON, 42, Burnsville (7-9) - His 5th at Chisago, and especially his 3rd at Ironman Wisconsin (4:20:31) were the kind of highlights that portend Team Minnesota inclusion.

10. MICHAEL WEISSENBORN, 34, Minneapolis (10-10) - Michael's return to the sport after a two-year hiatus was a triumphant one. The 2016 Rookie of the Year nominee's 2nd at Green Lake Olympic and win at Square Lake Sprint were his highlights.


Top Photo - Jake Keehan.

Page 2 Photo - So close!  Brian Storhaug, who was ranked #11 in 2019.

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