Seth Meyers, Moosebirds and "Boys in the Boat"....

sethmeyers.pngED. Last Monday we introduced the women who are being considered for MOST IMPROVED nominations. One of those talented candidates was JENNA HORNER, of Eden Prairie. A student at George Washington University in Washington, DC, we emailed some questions to her recently. Here are her responses:

1. Comment on your career goals, and whether those may bring you back to MN on a full-time basis.

I am currently majoring in Political Science with a minor is Geography. This past summer I worked as a Field and Political Fellow on Amy Klobuchar's Presidential campaign. I would love to hop back on that campaign if it is around when I graduate, which would bring me back to MN. I am not 100% sure what I want to do and if politics is my path. I have been a mechanic at both Freewheel Bike Eden Prairie and Trek Georgetown and have fallen in love with the bike industry. I could also see myself doing something along that path as well. Like most college students, I’m not sure where I’ll be or what I’ll be doing, but I’m sure everything will work itself out by the time I graduate....


2. Competitive goals - collegiate and post-college?

I’d say I have some pretty big goals in this sport. As for my last college season, I have my sights set on topping the podium at my last USAT Collegiate Club Nationals. After that I’ll be turning my focus to my goal to earn my elite card and race ITU.

3. Favorite books, movies, food, non-triathlon hobbies/activities?moosebirds.png
Favorite Books: The Giver, Beneath A Scarlet Sky, Boys in the Boat
I’m not a big movie person so I’ll give you favorite shows: The Crown, West Wing, Great British Baking Show
Favorite Foods: wild rice, ice-cream (nothing is better than a trip to Licks in Excelsior or Moosebirds for the lake vermillion folk)
Non-Triathlon Hobbies/Activities: photography, backcountry tripping


4. Favorite SNL cast member? (Ours is Kate McKinnon!)
I know he’s been gone for a while but it will forever be Seth Meyers. The Weekend Update is just not the same without him.

5. Planned MN races in 2020. (Can be tentative, of course.)
I’m not 100% where I will be post-graduation, but I know my parents don’t plan to leave Minnesota, so even if I don’t end up back in MN I will at least be back to visit and hopefully do a few races. My favorites are Chisago Sprint, Lake Minnetonka and HOLT.


6. Glancing at your FB page suggests that you like horses and Sandra Bullock movies? True?
Haha my FB likes are very dated, but yes I definitely like both of those things. I spent my high school years riding and showing in WSCA and Eventing. As per Sandra Bullock, you can’t go wrong with a Sandra Bullock movie. The Proposal has been a family favorite for years.


7. Other stuff?
I did not come from a swim, bike or run background. I grew up as a highly competitive gymnast and competed as a Division I gymnast for GW my freshmen year before retiring.
I am the President of GW Triathlon Team. As of May of 2019 I am coached by James Petersen (JP Elite).





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