2019 Most Improved Women...


MINNESOTA MULTISPORT HONORS - In yesterday's post we profiled the men who are being considered for MOST IMPROVED honors. Today, we are intoducing the women, in alphabetical order, that are being considered for MI nominations.



2019 Highlights:

1st @ YWCA Women's Triathlon

2nd @ Graniteman Clearwater Sprint

2nd @ Minnespolis Sprint

2nd @ Brewhouse Sprint

3rd @ Maple Grove Sprint

6th @ Lake Minnetonka

COMMENT:  JFF has been good for a long time, but she truly upped her game, and her racing volume, in 2019. Her win at YWCA was a big deal, as was her 2nd against a great field at Brewhouse Sprint....


WHITNEY GREILANGER, 33, St. Paul (photo R)

2019 Highlights:

1st @ St. Paul

2nd @ One Last Tri Olympic

3rd @ Trinona Sprint

10th @ Pardeeville 

COMMENT: Whitney had done three races over the ten-year period leading up to 2019. This meant that she, by rule, was ineligible for a Rookie of the Year nomination. Her current efforts when compared with her past performances demonstrate meteoric improvement.


JENNA HORNER, 21, Eden Prairie (top photo)

2019 Highlights:

1st @ Azalea Sprint (NC)

1st @ Rumpass in Bumpass Olympic (VA)

3rd AG @ Olympic Nationals

4th AG @ Sprint Nationals

5th @ Minneapolis Olympic (1st Collegiate)

5th @ Chisago Sprint

5th @ Giant Acorn Olympic (VA)

6th @ Buckhorn Sprint (NC)

COMMENT:  Jenna's results in 2018 were very solid. In 2019, though, she demonstrated true star potential.



2019 Highlights:

1st @ Timberman Sprint - 1:01:57 - CR

2nd @ YWCA Women's Triathlon

2nd @ Bertram Blast

3rd @ Buffalo Sprint

3rd @ Brewhouse Sprint

8th @ Heart of the Lakes

8th @ Chisago Sprint

COMMENT: Bettina was been in the MI discussion for the last four years, and in 2019, thanks to increased volume and elevated performance, she enjoyed her most successful season ever.


JESSIE MAHER. 35, Bemidji

2019 Highlights:

1st @ Perham

2nd @ Brewhouse Olympic

2nd @ Northwoods

6th @ Timberman Olympic

8th @ LakeMinnetonka

COMMENT: Jessie was seven minutes faster this year than last year at Northwoods, 11-minutes faster at Perham and 21-minutes faster at Brewhouse.


VANESSA NAGEL, 34, Blomington (photo L)

2019 Highlights:

4th @ Graniteman Clearwater Olympic

5th @ Minneapolis Olympic

5th @ Buffalo Olympic

COMMENT: Vanessa was part of the MI discussion in 2018. The only women who beat Nagel this year were former Team Minnesota members, and fellow MI candidate Rachel Zilinskas.



2019 Highlights:

2nd @ Buffalo Sprint

2nd @ Ames (IA) Sprint

4th @ Heart of the Lakes

5th @ Lake Minnetonka

COMMENT: The former Minnesota Junior of the Year nominee truly held her own against our region's best in 2019.


RACHEL ZILINSKAS, 24, Minneapolis

2019 Highlights:

2nd @ Minneapolis Olympic - 2:08:46!

6th @ Collegiate Nationals!

6th @ Ironman Madison 70.3

10th amateur @ Ironman Wisconsin - 10:54:55 (IM Debut)

COMMENT: Her 2nd at Minneapolis and 6th at College Nationals clearly show that Rachel is a special talent.



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