MTN's 2019 Wish List - Part II


Last week we posted our first "Wish List" installment, wherein we expressed our fervent desire that Gaby Bunten be named USAT 2018 Athlete of the Year. Today's post deals with our desire for certain cancelled races to be resurrected....



In the last five years, a plethora of races have been cancelled. At it's peak, there were 83 outdoor tris and dus serving Mnnesota's adult multisport community. That number has dropped to 49 this year, despite the resustitation of the Buffalo, Walker and Rainy Lake triathlons, and the addition of a pair of new races (Duluth Dual and the Triathletes vs Swimmers Chalenge).


It needs to be understood that races don't fall off the calendar because they suck. At least, we cannot think of any that were cancelled for that reason. Usually, races go away because their director burns out, or pursues other business opportunities, or a municipality or government entity decides to give the event the kibosh event though the race in question was rocking socks, as was the case with the St. Croix Valley Triathlon and, to a lesser extent, the Blaine Tri.

We miss those races sooooo much!

Probably the best example of a successful, nay iconic, event that was dropped was the Aquatennial Triathlon, aka the US Swim & Fitness and Bally Total Fitness. Recognized as one of the premier races in the US, it nevertheless left the calndar in 1995. Happily, it was resurrected in 2002 by Life Time Fitness and now goes by the name, Minneapolis Triathlon. It is sthe largest and grandest coed multisport event in our state.

Like the Minnespolis Tri, Liberty and Lake Waconia are iconic events that were staged at premier venues. Their histories are long and storied. If saved in 2019, Liberty will celebrate its 16th anniversary. If Waconia is rescued, it will turn 30!

The LIberty Triathlon has always drawn a large contingent of Canadians, and many of them have expressed their dismay to us over the race's possible demise.

So, it is our fervent wish that someone, or a group of someones, save the Liberty Triathlon. If not for the athletes of our state, do it for Canada.

And bring back Waconia, too.



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