Hanna Versus Gaby...


MINNESOTA MULTISPORT HONORSFEMALE TRIATHLETE OF THE YEAR. 2017 Triathlete of the Year GABY BUNTEN had a near perfect resume in 2018, one that was clearly superior to her '17 scorecard.

Why then, did she not win the TOY this time around? ....


Because HANNA GRINAKER's 2018 resume was, in the minds of all but one Selecror, even closer to perfection. Not since Heather Lendway's 2014 results, featuring 12-wins and a National title, have we witnessed a season this successful.

It needs to be noted that fellow 2018 TOY nominees BECKY YOUNGBERG and CHRISTINA ROBERTS also enjoyed brilliant seasons, making this year's TOY foursome one the most formidable groups ever nominated, but Hanna and Gaby were a cut above.

One of the Committee members ardently argued that Gaby's victory at the USAT National Championship and 2nd (1stAmerican) at Gold Coast Worlds, should have secured the TOY for her.

That was a strong argument.

But not quite strong enough for the other six members of the panel. They argued that while Gaby's two POY-nominated national and world stage performances were stunning, EVERY effort that Hanna threw down in in 2018 was POY-nomination-worthy.

Plus Hanna outraced Gaby in their only head-to-head match-up at Minneapolis, and Grinaker's long distance success gave her a “versatility” edge. Gaby's resume focused on short course races. (Gaby did conclude the season with a victory at Arizona 70.3, though that performance happened after the Honors were determined, and will apply to her 2019 scorecard.)

Success at all distances, a victorious head-to-head result and the fact that she had six POY nomination-worthy performances compared to three (Bunten's CR at Heart of the Lakes Sprint was a special performance) for Gaby, sealed the deal for Hanna Grinaker.

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