Taylor's Next Chapter...


By Taylor Lundquist (sisterwhotriblog.com)


Wow it’s crazy to think it’s already September and I’ve been at college for two and a half weeks! I haven’t had the chance to sit down and reflect on the whirlwind of chaos I’m living. However, if I could sum it up into two words I’d say it’s “crazy awesome!”


I am a freshman at Black Hills State University and I am on the triathlon team. My whole life I have always competed on and for a team. I knew there was no way I could survive college without being on a team. So when the opportunity to be on BHSU’s triathlon team came up, I was ecstatic!


 I love triathlons, but the past few years it hasn’t been easy training by myself. This past summer was especially difficult working and trying to fit in training here and there. Plus, I didn’t have a team to train with. Last summer I would at least run with girls from the cross country team, but this year I no longer was on that team and training just seemed kind of empty. I think that’s why race day was always so special because we would meet up with friends, race, and celebrate afterwards....


But now, I’m on a team again and it’s a blast! There are six of us girls on the tri team, and each girl plays a vital role on our team. I’ve never had this much fun training in my entire life (even though we have 6a.m. practices). I believe team comradery is key to any sport, even if you race as an individual, you train as a team. It is so much fun to have these built in friendships that will last a lifetime! Plus, it makes walking into the cafeteria a lot less daunting knowing I have a seat saved with the tri team. READ MORE

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