Unreal Watts, Succulents and Toothbrushes...


By Erin Klegstad (sweetsweatlife.com)


So, April was in like a lion – two snowstorms! – and out like a lamb. Temps finally hit 80F on Monday, and wowza! I forgot what warm sunshine felt like on bare skin. #sunshinegivesmelife

Here are last month’s highlights.

1 – all the biking

With 24 days in the saddle, April was the month of the bike. The workouts weren’t long – no more than 80 minutes – but wowza… did they pack a punch, especially because of the compounding fatigue.

While many ended with me near puking and cursing coach, many also ended with me thinking, damn, I can’t believe I hit those watts – or, these watts cannot be real. Case in point: the first workout in the block that I read completely wrong. There’s a big difference between 30 seconds rest and four minutes + 30 seconds rest! ...


Anyway, it was a fantastic change-up from my typical longer intervals. And t got me well out of my comfort zone. There’s something to be said for embracing the discomfort! It can be pretty powerful when you do. It also taught me that I’m capable of far more than I think – but that’s true of all of us. We limit ourselves based on the stories we tell ourselves. So let’s start telling ourselves different stories!

Here’s to testing all that bike fitness next week at a Tuesday Night Time Trial!  READ MORE

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