My Every Damn Day List...




By Erin Klegstad (sweetsweatlife.com)


Winter was rough this year – the dark subzero days just never seemed to end. Maybe getting through a Minnesnowta winter is another form of endurance training? Like any race, there was a lotof positive self-talk to remind me that there was no possible way it could stay cold and snowy and bundled in an ankle-length down jacket forever… right? (For the record, I wore mine nearly every day from October to mid-April this year – seven months, people!)

In addition to the positive self-talk, there were also little things I did to keep my spirits up. Pretty mundane things, actually, but nonetheless they brought small moments of sunshine + happiness to each day. I didn’t have a name for them until I read a blog post from Yes and Yes

The every damn day list. 

Ah-ha! ...


The every damn day list is a short list of small things you do every damn day no matter what. They’re the little things that bring you small moments of joy. And they bring a small sense of accomplishment even when every other part of your day is ho-hum or not going as planned. I think we can all agree: the world needs a little more kindness and happiness in it. So why not start with you? 

With that, my every damn day list – and I realize it’s longer than it probably should be, but all of these things bring me little moments of happiness ♥ (I didn’t include sweating in the form of swimbikerunyoga because that’s just a given for me – it (usually) happens regardless.)...READ MORE


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