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For the MTN Guys, the greatest benefit of our involvement with Minnesota's multisport community are the friendships we make.

Today, we are writing about one of our wonderful friends from Duluth, a lady who took the 2017 season off to do other stuff. We missed her and hope that she comes back strong this season.


In addition to her being a great person with almost 2000 Facebook friends, Jess is a health and fitness entrepeneur. Check out her bio, which we filched from her website. It's impressive stuff.

Hey! I’m Jess. I’m a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and elite triathlete.

I studied exercise science at the University of MN Duluth, and been personal training, teaching, and coaching since 2007.

I am a 7x Team USA triathlete and have competed in the 2011 ITU World Championship in Beijing, 2013 in London, 2015 in Chicago, and 2016 in Cozumel. I made All American in 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016...


This site is a look into my world as I share my insights about fitness, nutrition, wellness, life, and racing.

My goal for my clients to help them learn a healthy lifestyle. To embrace their journey in this lifetime. Health and fitness is not a quick thing to look good. Health and fitness is a life long journey of being the optimal you. From the physical aspect, to nutrition, stress reduction, habits, and the spiritual part of living your best life.

Jess has enjoyed awesome success as a triathlete. Since 2010, she had won seven triathlons, and placed 2nd in eleven others:



- 1st @ 2015 El Habana Sprint (Cuba)

- 1st @ 2015 Brewhouse Sprint

- 1st @ 2015 Hickory Grove (IA) Triathlon

- 1st amateur @ Life Time South Beach Olympic

- 1st @ 2013, 2014 Buzz Ryan Sprint

- 1st @ 2011 Green Lake Olympic - CR

- 2nd @ 2015, 2016 Maple Grove Sprint

- 2nd @ 2014 Superior Man 41.2

- 2nd @ 2014, 2016 Brewhouse Sprint

- 2nd @ 2011, 2012, 2013 Brewhouse Triathlon

- 2nd @ 2012 Buzz Ryan Sprint

- 2nd @ 2014 Brewhouse Sprint

- 2nd amateur @ 2012 NYC Triathlon


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