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ED. Last Wednesday, Suzie Fox, one of our favorite people, sent us this email request. We were happy to oblige.
Dear MTN Guys,
If you have an open day on MTN I was wondering if you would be so kind as to share 3 upcoming opportunities for youth in triathlon with your readers? Hopefully with your help we can turn some more first-time kiddos into regular triathletes in 2018!
The first is the 14th Annual Minnetonka Youth Triathlon on Saturday May 5th! Registration & details can be found right here: https://minnetonka.ce.eleyo.com/course/3333/winter-spring-2018/youth-triathlon%E2%80%941
Volunteers are still needed as well, distances are perfect for newbies & very non-threatening, the swim is in a pool too. Parents & family please join me in volunteering, it is so much more fun & useful then standing around & waiting! There are positions open where you can watch the event or volunteer before it even starts....
If participants have questions, concerns or want more info on the triathlon I am hosting a one day Youth Triathlon Clinic on Saturday April 7 specifically for the race. I will share my strategies and training tips. We’ll also cover transitions, bike riding safety and triathlon rules. There will be pool swimming & outdoor running included too! Registration & more details here:
Lastly I am leading another Minnetonka Youth Triathlon Club this summer, 11 weeks of swim, bike, run. Kids don't have to be a Minnetonka resident or student for any of these. Details on the tri club are below.
Thanks so much for helping me build the future of our sport :-)
- Suzie

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