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KING BOREAS WINTER TRIATHLON 2018 PREVIEW - We're writing this on Monday afternoon and it's snowing like a banshee. This gladdens our hearts 'cuz we LOVE snow and all the ways that it can be played in.

We are also stoked that this means that Saturday's King Boreas Winter Triathlon will actually be a triathlon, not a du like it was in 2017. Please note that a du is included as part of the program, but is not part of the National Championships.

The race is expecting about 100 entrants, which is awesome. Winter tri is a relatively new sport  in the US, and there aren't enough races to justify specific training. Unlike our European counterparts, there are few, if any, dedicated winter triathletes in America.

We'd love to see that change, and Jeremy Sartain and Coack K are doing their part to help that along.

In it's 3rd year, the King B is a HOOT! Less a cutthroat competitive race than an athletic experience. More than anything else, it's a celebration of winter in Minnesota.It is, after all, an official St. Paul Winter Carnival event.

Because it is what we do, we are going to preview the race, concentrating on the frontrunners and making predictions. The first prediction that we'll make is that everyone will love it, even those who are on skis for the first time.

So who are the Top Guys, in our humble opinion? ...


- SEAN COOLEY - Minnesota's 2017 Triathlete of the Year has more winter multisport experience that any of his male counterparts. He won here in 2017, and placed 2nd in 2016 behind decorated nordic skier Joel LaFrance.

- JOEL LAFRANCE - A faster skier than Sean, the question is whether it will be enough to keep Cooley off the Top Step. Sean's been racing, and winning, in off road cycling events this winter, and that may give him a slight edge.

Actually, we think the Cooley / LaFrance match-up is too close to call.

In addition to his win here in '16, LaFrance was 2nd here last year.

- ERIC HOLMLUND - From Loveland, Colorado, we are impressed with Eric's summer tri results. Assuming that, like most Coloradans, he is a solid nordic skier, we predict that he'll round out the men's podium.

Top Women?

- JAN GUENTHER - Jan will be going for the three-peat and we are confident that she'll make it happen, even though she'll be racing at various Loppet events during this week. Our state's most decorated multisportswoman, she will likely be the fastest female skier on Saturday.

Who will challenge Guenther? We suspect that it will be a late registrant.

Some AG picks:







The event--5K run, 17K bike, 7K ski--happens at Lake Phalen Park in St. Paul next Saturday, and You can still get in. Here's a link to the event's website:  LINK

Top Photo - Mike Ladendorf (7th here in 2017)








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