SwimRun Comes to Minnesota!



Richmond, VA - IGNITE SwimRun is the first US-based company to organize a multi-statet race series, offering events in Maryland, MINNESOTA, Rhode Island and Virginia in 2018. The Virginia race will serve as the first-ever SwimRun US. National Championship.

Inspired by the international OTILLO "Island to Island" races in Stockholm, Sweden, IGNITE SwimRun events are multistage endurance competitions in which two-person teams run and swim together through a cross country course involving up to 8 swim legs and 9 run legs covering 16-25 miles. Teams are allowed to wear wetsuits and use flotation bouys, paddles and tethers if they choose, but are required to carry all of their gear with them for the duration of the event....


"We are always looking to be on the cutting edge of the endurance world by pushing new and innovative events like SwimRun," said Jay Peluso, IGNITE SwimRun Race Director. "We love the team aspect and the challenge presented by the vastly different terrain at each venue. Whether you are racing to break the course record, or for an epic endurance experience, SwimRun is for you."

"We are excited to offer this fast-growing race format for endurance athletes in the Unitied States. SwimRun is the future of endurance racing, and Ignite will be a part of it. We look forward to sharing the passion of racing and crossing the finish line together," said Danny Serpico, IGNITE SwimRun Logistics Coordinator.


- Boonsboro, MD - May 12, 2018

- IRONTON, MN - July 28, 2018

- Block Island, RI - September 15, 2018

- Richmond, VA (National Championship) - October 20

Registration for all 2018 events opened on December 1, 2017. For more information about IGNOTE SwimRun, visit igniteswimrun.com.


0 #2 Amond Neuville 2018-01-09 16:00
Cool Sport - With a new sport to the U.S. surprisingly they are coming at it with ambitiously promoting a longer distance not paired with a shorter sprint distance. Without and experienced group of athletes they may not be successfully getting bridging the gap between those with developing skills. Best of luck to them any ways.
+1 #1 Jay Peluso 2018-01-08 18:54
Thank you for sharing the great news Jerry. We are really looking forward to coming to the mid-west with our events. More to come.....

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