Blessings & Gifts from 2017...



By Sara Carlson (sarastrilife.blogspot.com)


As I relect on 2017, I recognize the any blessings and gifts that I have such appreciation for. The year has flown by and so many memories were made along the way. Here's some of the highlights and top things I am grateful for from seventeen...


Summer! Need I say more?! I absolutely love summer. The heat, the time on the lake, the fishing, the longer days, the birthdays )both my husband and I!). Although, next year will bring a big birthday for me. I will enter my 5th decade on July 21st. What? How did that sneak up on me so quickly. Boy, I don't feel like an old lady yet. But, I'm sticking with the fact that age is just a number and the women's 40-44 year old age group is seriously calling my name!



Eldest daughter (sorry Stephanie, now "eldest" makes you sound old). Stephie was home for the summer to work and spend some time with the fam. I loved watching her hustle and work with a local company to install gutters. She was the only female on the job and, from the sounds of it, she kept the crew on their toes. She has been dealing with some health issues over the past year that had caused her to have to red-shirt her 2nd year of college cross-country this fall. But, she has still pushed through the many challenges, handled the long hours, and didn't quit.


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