Why Wade?



MINNESOTA MULTISPORT AWARDS - For most of the last decade, Minnesota has been America's unofficial Duathlon Capitol. Our state  has many great run-bike-runs, and even more great run-bike-runners. The list of our state's national class duathletes is a lengthy one, and four of those athletes--WADE CRUSER, BRIAN SAMES, KRIS SPOTH and DANI VSETECKA-- received nominations for Minnesota DOY in 2017. 

Wade Cruser, who deserves to be in the discussion for US DOY, and should earn, at the very least, and HM for that award, was the clear choice for our state's DUATHLETE OF THE YEAR.

Here's why:


1st @ Oakdale

2nd @ Cinco Du Mayo Long Course

Why didn't Brian win? First of all, his racing volume was low. Another great effort, however, would not have changed things. Wade's resume was just too good. And Cruser beat Sames beat him by 2:52 at Cinco....






2nd @ Oakdale

2nd amateur @ Apple

Why didn't Kris win? Kris was beaten by Sames at Oakdale, Spoth's du debut, and Cruser beat him at Apple.



1st @ Apple

1st amateur @ Falls Duathlon

Why didn't Dani win? She would have if Wade wasn't in the picture. FYI, her exciting win at Apple was nominated for Performance of the Year.



1st @ Apple

1st @ Cinco Du Mayo Long Course

3rd @ Duathlon Nationals

Wade was dominant in his local wins. His victory at Apple was named male Performance of the Year. And his overall podium at Nationals was that extra spectacular effort that gave him the edge over Vsetecka for this award.

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