Women Should Do Triathlons....



By Susan Grant Legacki (active.com)

Despite triathlon's growing popularity around the world, USA Triathlon reported in 2014 that female participation numbers still hovered around 37 percent. Triathlon offers a fun, sociable and pretty addicting way of staying in shape—so why do so many women continue to stay on the sidelines?

Factors like expensive barriers to entry, a lack of time and fears about open water swimming are the most common complaints, but here are some pretty good reasons for ladies to get on a bike and give multisport a try.

1. For Your Heart

Many people think of heart attacks as a men's health issue, buth the truth is that heart disease is the  number on killer of both men and women. Being regularly active (at least 30 minutes of...

moderate activity every day) can slash your heart disease risk by as much as 40 percent, according to the American Heart Association.

When you slgn up for a triathlon and get your first training plan, you'll be meeting--and usually exceeding--your daily exercise requirements regularly, and your blod pressure will thank you for it. Having set a goal in the future provides that extra motivation to get out there every day and move. And, after about three weeks of doing daily physical activity, it becomes a positive regular habit in your life...

2. For Your Confidence.....READ MORE



0 #1 James 2017-12-03 22:09
Seriously!?! Where does the author get her numbers? I would bet for MN that there are twice as many woman as men doing triathlon s, especially sprint races, which are by far the most popular. Even in International distance races, many races have well over 50% female participants. We even have woman only races now. When will there ever be a mens only race? Probably never, because that would be sexist, I suppose.

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