Nexts in Line....Part III...


SkinnySki.com photo of Nicole Heininger. Skinnyski.com is an awesome site. If you are not a regular visitor, check it out.


Here is Part III of our "Next in LIne" series of posts, which highlight those athletes who were the next in line for MMA nominations.


- Long Distance AOY - In addition to those who received nominations, three athletes were also considered: JORDAN ROBY, DIANE HANKEE and KELLY TROM. Kelly's effort at Chisago (3rd in 4:40:58) was arguably the best half IM performance from these three, though Jordan's 4:15 70.3 debut at Superior Man was close, but Hankee and Roby duked-it-out for the Next in LIne. Diane's 4th place finishes at both Florida 70.3 and Chisago gave her the slightest edge here.


- Performance of the Year - Men - This was not a toughie. Our pick for Next in Line was KRIS SPOTH's win at Copper Creek Sprint. Why? Because he outraced runner-up Evan Culbert (IA), who won at Minneapolis and placed 6th overall at Nationals, and is a likely 2017 USAT AOY HM, and 3rd placer Reece Linder, 19 (IA), who dominated at Maple Grove Olympic and appears to be a shoo-in for a US Junior of the Year HM.


- Performance of the Year - Women - Our Next in Line was GABY BUNTEN's runaway victory in Life Time - South Beach. Her margin of victory was ridonkulous--9+ minutes--over former Brazilian Olympian Carla Moreno. ...



- Triathlete of the Year - Men - We received a email recently asking why Matt Payne was not a TOY nominee. We responded by noting that Matt had two great tri efforts, but needed three in order to be recognized. Unfortunately, Matt rode off course at Lake Waconia, which resulted in an 8th place finish. Had he zigged, instead of zagging (he was leading when this happened), he most likely would have received a TOY nomination.

So then, who had at least three outstanding tri efforts but just narrowly missed earning a TOY nomination? JORDAN ROBY, 27, St. Louis Park.

Here is his 2017 Tri resume:

- 1st @ Timberman Olympic

- 1st @ Lake Geneva (WI) Escape

- 1st @ Green Lake Olympic

- 3rd @ Lake Minnetonka

- 3rd @ Lake Waconia

- 4th @ Superior Man Half IM

- 5th @ Heart of the Lakes


- Triathlete of the Year - Women - The Next in Line was NICOLE HEININGER, 27, Forest Lake. Clear choice.

Check out her 2017 tri highlights:

- 1st @ New Bri Tri - CR

- 1st @ Lake Waconia Triathlon

- 1st @ Chisago Sprint

- 2nd @ Liberty Half IM



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