Nexts in Line...Part I...



In a recent conversation, a triathlete asked us why there weren't any 45-49 women nominated in the Master of the Year category. Though we were able to give her a plausible explanation, in hindsight, we wished that we had added a 45-49 nominee.

We argued that Hankee and Myers, both 40-44ers, were slam dunk nominees, as were 50-54s Weisbecker and Kippenhan. We stand by these picks.

She then asked us who was the next in line for a nomination. Great question. Not only did we give her an answer--Jody Quesnell--we decided to create a post highlighting the "next-in-liners" for MMA nominations.


- Junior of the Year - MACY IYER, 13, Edina - Macy is going to be a star. We're convinced of this. Had she had one more great effort in 2017, she would have been nominated. Also, she is one several young female triathletes (under 16) who appear destined for greatness. That list includes Bella Buenting and Simone Lundquist


- Grand Master - MIKE FLYNN, 67, Elk River - Mike had an awesome season, featuring divisional wins at Maple Grove Sprint, Heart of the Lakes, Trinona Sprint and Oakdale Du, but two other men from his AG--perennial GMOY nominee Neil KIng, and Spike Millslagle, who set three AG records--were slam dunk selections. Because of this, if the Committee had chosen a fifth nominee, it would likely have been HELEN GUNTHER, 60, of Excelsior....


- Master - Women - JODY QUESNELL, 49, Arden Hills (photo above with Cheryl Z) - As we mentioned above, Jody was clearly the "next in line" in this category. She set three AG records in 2017. Next season, she joins Minnesota's "Fab 50s" ladies, who have been rockin' the regional scene for the last three years. This talented roster features Cheryl Zitur, Julia Weisbecker, Christel Kippenhan and Jan Guenther. Also pledging this sorority next season will be Anne Grabowski. Exciting stuff.


- Master - Men - BRETT LOVAAS, 40, Minnetonka - With three outright wins in four starts in '17, Brett received some strident support for a nomination, as did Kevin O'Connor. That the final nominees had excelled against deeper fields was the factor that ultimately relegated Lovaas to "next in line" status. Once again, a strong case can be made for increasing the number of nominees from four to five in the future for most, if not all, categories.


The "Nexts-in Line" for the other MMA categories will be featured in future posts.

Have you gotten your MMA Party tickets yet?


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