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2017 MINNESOTA MULTISPORT AWARDS - FEMALE MOST IMPROVED -  Using the words "Most Improved" to describe this category is a bit misleading. What the MMA Comittee is measuring is how much emerging athletes are moving among their elite peers, especially as it relates to placement on Team MInnesota. An athlete who has never made the team, but has improved enough to make it this year, is a prime cadidate for consideration, as is that member of Team Minnesota that moves up the ladder in a significant way. Also considered are athletes that were basically "off the radar" in previous seasons but are now flirting with a spot on the Team.

Today, in alpha order, we are revealing the Female Most Improved nominees for 2017:


- GABY BUNTEN, 25, Forest Lake

Gaby has placed as high as 5th on Team Minnesota in the past, but will place much higher this year. Upward movement within the Top five is a big deal.

Here are Gaby's 2017 competitive highlights:

- 1st @ Minneapolis - 2:08:34 - This effort is being considered for a POY nomination.

- 1st @ South Beach Olympic (FL) ....


- 1st (amateur) / 2nd overall woman @ Trinona

- 5th overall woman @ USAT Olympic Nationals - Also being considered for POY.



- NICOLE HEININGER, 28 , Rochester (photo R)

The former Rookie of the Year has made Team Minnesota twice. She will certainly place higher on the roster this year that she had in the past.

Here are Nicole's 2017 highlights:

- 1st @ Oakdale Duathlon

- 1st @ New Bri - CR

- 1st @ Lake Waconia

- 1st @ Chisago Sprint

- 2nd @ LIberty Half

- 3rd (amateur) @ Falls Duathlon

- 9th @ Muncie 70.3 - 4:45:54


- KELLY TROM, 30, Minneapolis

Kelly has yet to make Team Minnesota, though she has come very close. That will change this year. Here are her 2017 highlights:

- 2nd @ Graniteman BIg Lake Olympic

- 3rd @ Chisago Half IM - 4:40:58 - PR

- 4th @ Heart of the Lakes

- 4th @ LIberty Half IM


- MAGGIE WEISS, 23, Excelsior (top photo)

Maggie was Rookie of the Year runner-up in 2016 and narrowly missed earning a spot on Team MInnesota. Her 2017 resume guarantees her a spot on this year's squad.

Here are Maggie's 2017 highlights: 

- 2nd @ Lake Minnetonka

- 3rd @ Heart of the Lakes

- 3rd @ Maple Grove Olympic

- 4th @ Gear West Duathlon


0 #1 Kelly Trom 2017-10-21 18:44
Thank you for the nomination!! Much appreciated and grateful for the recognition. Unfortunately, this year I won't be able to make the Nov 4th Tri Night d/t family wedding in California. I hope everyone has a great evening celebrating such an impressive field of athletes!

ED. Oh poop! Gonna miss you on November 4. If you win, we'll leave the award at Gear West. If that doesn't work, let us know and we'll make other arrangements. Congrats on your well-deserved nomination.

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