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2017 MINNESOTA MULTISPORT AWARDS – 2017 was a great year for teens on the Minnesota multisport scene. Lots of talent. Lots of great performances. The MMA Selectors are likely to nominate five athletes, not four, in this co-ed category.

Here, in alpha order, are some of the young athletes that are being considered for JUNIOR OF THE YEAR nominations, and a highlight-or-two from their respective seasons:

  • ANDERS BROMAN, 17, Eagan (photo L) – Overall winner of the Moose Lake Triathlon.

  • ISABELLA BUENTING, 14, Chanhassen - 2nd overall woman at Heart of the Lake Sprint.

  • ALLISON CRUM, 19, Deerwood – JOY nominee in 2016 placed 3rd overall--1st Junior—at both Maple Grove Sprint and Coeur D'Alene Sprint.

  • CARTER DEICHMAN, 16, Mankato – Prolific and successful, Carter places in the overall Top 10 more often than not.

  • JACK HENNEN, 17, Cambridge – He reached the overall podium at One Last Tri Sprint, where he outraced several juniors that are also beling considered for JOY nominations.

  • MACY IYER, 13, Edina – Macy finished 2nd overall in the women's competition at Trinona Sprint....


  • MMA_Night1.png
  • TAYLOR LUNDQUIST, 18, Maple Grove – Taylor was the overall women's champ in three races this year.

  • SIMONE LUNDQUIST, 15, Maple Grove – Taylor's sister cracked the women's overall Top 10 six times in 2017.

  • KYLE SWENSON, 15, Rogers – Kyle won the men's title at Heart of the Lakes Sprint.

  • MAISY WAECH, 17, Grand Rapids – Maisy cracked the women's overall Top 5 at Buzz Ryan.

  • GARRETT WELSCH, 19, Red Wing – Welsch crushed the junior CR at Minneapolis Triathlon, lowering Reece Linder's mark from 2:07:57 to 2:05:16.

  • ARIANNA WERTS, 16, Rochester – Ari placed 2nd overall among women at North Mankato.



The official nominees in the category will be announced on MTN later this week. The MMAs will be presented on November 4 at Gear West Bike and Triathlon in Long Lake. Space is limited, so register soon.

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