Pictures Of Brookey

Brooke TransitionTim Larsen is a very cool guy who doesn't look old enough to have a 32-year-old daughter. He's also got a great sense of humor, likes to take pictures and loves his daughter with all his heart.

Tim's daughter is Brooke Larsen, winner of the 2009 Tri Minnesota Series and victorious at the first two races--Chain of Lakes and Land Between the Lakes--in this year's series. He sent us a scad of photos of his beloved "Brookey," Brooke Running By The Lake
* which he snapped this weekend in Albert Lea. Here's two of those shots.

FYI, Brooke's margin of victory at LBLT was 3:31. There should be a place for her on Team Minnesota this year.

* We don't know for sure if Tim Larsen calls his daughter "Brookey," a sobriquet we made up. We do suspect that he has a pet name for her, and that it's probably kinda goofy.