Shyanne and AJ!


MINNESOTA MULTISPORT HONORS - The MOST IMPROVED honors are traditionally bestowed on the male and female athlete who overtake established elite athletes on TEAM MINNESOTA. If, for instance, an athlete was ranked 9th in 2018, then jumped to, say, 5th in 2019, that person would likely garner a MI nomination, and perhaps even the honor....

Sometimes, though, it is the heretofore unranked athlete who earns a spot on Team Minnesota for the first time that wins. That will be the case this year, as all four nominees were unranked in 2019. And it is usually the athlete that ultimately ranks the highest that wins when this happens.

That is how it shook out this year.

Let's start with the women. With heajsd.pngr 9:47:52 at Ironman Florida and her decisive victory at Graniteman Clearwater, both  POY nominated, it was obvious that SHYANNE MCGREGOR would rank at, or near, the top of Team Minnesota this year, thus she was the clear MI choice for the Selectors.

It should be noted that she didn't, as they say, "come out of nowhere." Had her IM Florida result been allowed in 2019--Honorees were determined before that November race, thus her effort was added to this year's resume--there would have been a spot for her on Team MInnesota, though most likely in the 5th - 10th range.


Shyanne's competition for the MI was ANNA RAINER, who did indeed come out of nowhere, thus her placement on Team Minnesota arguably represents greater personal improvement. There were many seasons where Anna's resume would have earned her the MI, but because she will rank behind Shyanne on the 2020 Team, McGregor takes the honor. And let's not forget McGregor's  9:47. Historically, the Selectors give etra weight to outstanding IM performances.


As for the men, which of the heretore unranked nominees will place higher on Team Minnesota? Will it be Fargo's AJ MANNING or 2019 Junior of the Year KYLE SWENSON? Because he raced more often, with consistently impressive results, including two wins, and was able to outrace Kyle, though not by much, in their only confrontation, the MI was conferred on Manning.

It should be noted that Swenson, 18, is the only male teen in the 21-year history of the MMHs to earn a spot on Team Minnesota.



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