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Focusing on the Small Things...


By Simone Lundquist (twosisterswhotriblog.com)

YOUNGLIFE TRIATHLON RACE REPORT - It started to hit me this past weekend that the season was starting to come to an end. The morning was a little bit cooler and there was a breeze in the air that reminded me that fall is right around the corner. For now I’m just going to try to hold on to the last moments of the tri season and summer.

This past weekend I was able to compete at Young-Life Triathlon in Detroit Lakes, MN. It was the type of race that brought in fantastic volunteers, (175 to be exact) a great venue, and a group of athletes that were excited to be there. The race completely filled up, which is always exciting to see, and the race directors got to show 300 plus people how wonderful young life is and why they should come back next year.

When I first walked into the registration area to get body markings I heard my favorite song playing called Oh Come to the Altar. This calmed my nerves significantly and I knew that it would be a good race from that point on. Before race start I got to reunite with some friends that I hadn’t seen in a while and just enjoy my time talking to the fellow athletes beside me. I loved meeting all the new faces and seeing just how many people were there to race and enjoy themselves throughout the day....



A warm up swim was necessary considering that the lake felt much colder than the races in July. When I was “warming up” for my swim I realized that the markers in the water were directly in the sun, but I tried to be optimistic and think that it wouldn’t be that much of a problem during the race itself. I was sadly mistaken.   READ MORE


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