Eclectic Sporting History...


By Shyanne McGregor (shyzamironwoman.com)

For my first blog post, I thought I’d tell you a little about me….but where to start? Here it goes. I was born and raised in Duluth, Minnesota, went to college here and married my husband here. We are raising our three kids here too. I work part time as a doctor of physical therapy.

Since this is mostly about my training and triathlon life I’ll give you some background on my athletic life–It’s eclectic. I competed in figure skating for a couple years. When that got too expensive, I started and later competed in dance. When that got to be too much I tried volleyball and softball for a couple years. I joined the swim team in 7th grade. I swam competitively through high school and didn’t swim again until two years ago. I also ran track in junior high. One of my biggest regrets was not running track in high school. I didn’t think I could handle both the swim team and track at the same time. I also played hockey in junior high and high school. My best friend played and wanted me to play. I could skate so why not?! I enjoyed hockey, but my heart was in swimming....

The spring of my senior year of high school was the first time I was not in a sport. I thought I better do something to avoid the freshman 15. So I started running. I didn’t like running long distances. Five miles was a “long run.” After watching the Gary Bjorklund Half Marathon in college, I decided I needed to do this. I trained for my first half in 2008 but developed a stress fracture in my foot and couldn’t participate. I ran it for the first time in 2010 and have ran it 3 times since. Oh, I also joined the rowing club for one summer in college. See?! I told you my sporting history was eclectic!

Fast forward to 2018, I did my first triathlon, it was the Buzz Ryan Sprint. I was hooked. That summer I did two more sprint tris. My plan over the winter was to train more and come back the next season faster. Then, on a whim, I hired a coach that December and THAT is where my fitness journey really takes off.

Stay tuned for more about that…..

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