Kevin, Mitch and YWCA...



Over the next  two weeks we will share the rationale for the MMA Selections. Today we will explain the two "SPECIAL" awards and reveal the vote count for RACE OF THE YEAR...


The first special award is called the COMMUNITY prize. It was given to KEVIN O'CONNOR for his tireless work over the last fifteen years to build and support Minnesota's amazing, second-to-none multisport community. During this period he built Gear West Bike & Triathlon into one of America's Top 3 tri shops. No one has done more for the culture we love than Kevin, and it's encouraging to know that GWB&T's new owner, JAN GUENTHER, and her terrific crew, are committed to upholding and expanding upon O'Connor's legacy.


The second special prize is called the COMEBACK AWARD. It was presented by three-time MMA winner Dani Vsetecka, via Skype to MITCH BREKKE, aka "The Hartland Express." Mitch survived a nearly fatal car/bike accident, one that surely would have killed a less-fit person. Mitch has endured countless surgeries and will require years of rehab. He is determined to return to the sport he loves.


Here is the voting breakdown for 2017 TRIATHLETES CHOICE RACE OF THE YEAR. Finalists were selected based on "percentage of participation."


1. YWCA of Minneapolis WOMEN'S TRIATHLON 

185 Votes / 1323 Participants - 14%

(Top Photo - 2018 Race Directors Sarah and Rachel)



46 votes / 371 participants - 12.4%



44 votes / 371 participants - 11.9%



34 votes / 493 participants - 6.9%



14 votes / 184 participants - 7.6%

(Note: Because Apple did not receive at least 30 votes, it was not eligible to win the TCROY award. Based on it's percentage of participation,

however, it was eligible for acknowledgement among the finalists.)


ED. A special thank you to RUTH BRENNAN MORREY, the guest speaker at Saturday's MMAs. Her insights and anecdotes were wise and entertaining. Her presentation was awesome and we hope to post her words on MTN in the near future.




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