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Keeping The Hardware At Home

LTF Tri logoBy Norm De Plume

Who are the most successful amateur triathletes in America right now?...

Hotel Timberman...

swim"...You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave."

This is one of the more jarring lines from the 1977 Eagle's classic "Hotel California." The song allegorically addresses the addictive and self-destructive nature of excess in America, and especially in Southern California; an especially in the SOCAL music industry.

These words apply, albeit in a non-sardonic way, to what can be called the "Timberman Experience." Staged in one of our region's most picturesque and peaceful locations, the Timberman, "Minnesota's Destination Triathlon," is addictive. But it is not destructive. It is rejuvenating...

In Search of Epistolary Performances...

stickyMatt Priess (L - we don't have a picture of him yet) is anxious to race at the Graniteman Triathlon this Sunday. lakeSo much so that he'll probably pee a gazillion times between now and then.

Why is Mr. Priess so goshdarn anxious?

He thinks that he can win on Sunday. If he does, it would be his first career victory.

Good luck, Matthew! We think you have a legitimate chance to make your bladder-stimulating dream come true. Certainly your 3rd place finish at RochesterFest Sprint last month suggests that you're...

It's All Good....

lake georgePardon the anthropomorphizing, but races have personalities. In fact, they are downright logo"moody."

Take Timberman and Northwoods, our state's "destinationy" events, for example. They have a laid back vacationy vibe. These races are preludes to barbecues and cold beer and laughter and pontoon rides. Very cool.

Then there's Heart of the Lakes, our state's most gregarious race....

North Mankato Stuff...

The 13th edition of the North Mankato Triathlon will be staged on Sunday. Like Saturday's Croixathlon, it will be conscientiously produced by people who still swimexude "Minnesota Niceness." If you're not registered for an event this weekend, we strongly recommend either of these races. We would also recommend the Lake Waconia Triathlon, of course, but it has been full for some time.

A solid field will be on hand for this year's NMT. Here are our podium pics:

MEN - 1. Sam Janicki - A virtual shoo-in for a Rookie of the Year nomination, Sam has one Tri Minnesota Series win (COLT) and a 2nd (Albert Lea) already this season. 2. Todd Landgraff - The defending champ is not currently registered but we suspect that he'll race on Sunday. As his podium finish at Liberty Half demonstrates, he's taken his game to a new level in 2010. 3. Jesse Nelson - Stripped of a course ....

Croixathlon Stuff..

trioMo Mouw's favorite beer is Summit Pale Ale. Knowing that his friend David Holden shares an affection for this particular adult beverage, Mo asked David if he, perchance, "had a six-pack?" Overhearing the question, Dan Cohen peeled back his skinsuit, revealing a "six pack" of his own. The laughing trio then posed for the picture you see here. And whether you believe it or not, Dan's gut is NOT sucked in. It's really like that.

This photo was taken at last year's Croixathlon. Dan won that race. His shirted compatriots, David (right) and Mo (left) took 2nd and 3rd, respectively.

Cohen and Holden will be racing in this year's edition--the 5th--of the Croixathlon. Mo has yet to register, though his lovely wife..

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