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LWT Preve - Part II...


LWT PREVIEW PART II - On Tuesday we posted the Lake Waconia Triathlon's AG records. Today, we share the Top 10 men's and women's time in the 10-year history of the present course (.5 - 20 - 4)....

LWT - 2017 Preview...


LAKE WACONIA TRIATHLON PREVIEW - This event is one of the premier sprint course tris in our region. It is also one of our region's most competitive races at any distance. It deserves your participation....

2017 LMT Preview...

jordan_LMT.pngLAKE MINNETONKA TRIATHLON PREVIEW - This annual classic is celebrating its 14th anniversary next Saturday. General registration closed last week, but there still might be a one or two charity spots available.

We doubt that any state in America has as many outstanding triathlon venues as Minnesota, and Lake Minnetonka boasts one of the very best.

It's lovely venue on the shore of its namesake is not all that this event has to offer, though. Unique and abundant amenities, small town pride vibe and trophies the size of Shetland ponies that take two hands to lift are some of the other things. And what other race features both craft beer and rum?

LMT has a proud competitive history, so here are some of our predictions for next weekend's race:

- Defending champ CHRISTINA ROBERTS is our pick to win the women's competition, though she will be pushed hard by relentless sophomore triathlete, MAGGIE WEISS.

- ANGELA KIDD is our pick to round out the women's podium.

- JORDAN ROBY (photo) had a breakout season in 2016, starting with his podium finish at Lake Minnetonka. We're picking him to place 2nd on Saturday, one spot better than last year.

- BROOKS GROSSINGER has won this event five consecutive times, starting in 2012. He has this race totally dialed in, and we think that muscle memory will supplement his talent, and he will win for the 6th straight time.

- We're anxious to witness the battle for the 45-49W title. JODY QUESNELL, 49, is fit and ready to take on ANN SNUGGERUD, 49, who has three divisional wins at this race....

Liberty Preve - Part II...

lovaasbuttshot1.pngLIBERTY XIV - Last Thursday we posted the Top 10 fastest men's and women's times in the thirteen-year history of the Liberty Half. Today we do the same for the Liberty Olympic Triathlon, which will celebrate its fourteenth anniversary on June 10.


1. KEVIN O'CONNOR - 1:52:46 (2013)

2. DAVID HOLDEN - 1:53:32 (2012)

3. ANDY SCHIESL - 1:54:52 (2012)

4. SCOTT PENTICOFF - 1:55:36 (2012)

5. JUSTIN MANNING (SD) - 1:55:58 (2013)

6. BRETT LOVAAS - 1:56:34 (2009) (photo L)

Podium Predictions: Trinona IX...Update...


Photos - Defending Trinona champs Kris Spoth and Gaby Bunten.

TRINONA PREVIEW - There are few races anywhere that are in the same league with Trinona. It is outstanding in every way. Venue/Courses, Swag. Atmosphere. Amenities. Memories. You name it, Trinona has it "in spades," which is an expression we have never really understood. What do spades have to do with having a lot of something?

We digress.

Trinona has always been a very competitive race and this year's fields are strong. So without further ado-do, let's make some predictions.


Liberty Stuff - Part I....




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