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Gopher-alls & Vuvuzelas...


By Andy Hardt


The University of Minnesota Triathlon team competed at the 2018 Collegiate National Championships last weekend (April 27th-28th) in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. High rains led to strong currents, and so all races were changed into duathlon format....

Train Harder. Get Leaner. Be Wiser...


JA Race Report: "Off-Season" and Ironman Texas"


By Joe Adriaens (triadriaens.com)


Warning, this is a long report.

First off, I want to thank all my family and friends who continue to support me in this nutty sport. Without all of you, none of this is possible!

I also want to thank Team Every Man Jack and all of our sponsors (Every Man Jack, Felt Bicycles, Louis Garneau, Lululemon, Boco Gear, GU Energy Labs, Roka, Normatec Recovery, Enve Composites, Garmin, and Sockguy), Gear West Bike & Triathlon, Rich and Ambrose at NOW Bikes, Podium Sports, and Premier Sport and Spine. You all keep me rolling with the best equipment and recovery care! Thank you all so much!


"Off - Season"

The off season post Ironman Florida was short lived and lasted all of 2 weeks. After the events that transpired at Ironman Florida, I was hungry for some redemption at this distance.  I won't go into details as you can scroll back and read through what happened in Florida.  Needless to say, the strategy for 2018 was to train harder, get leaner, and be wiser....

Records Tumble at TriWadena...


The 3rd annual TriWADENA, aka "No Spandex Necessary Triathlon," happened last Saturday. It was highlighted by a record turnout—34 finishers, up from 29 in 2017—and course records for both genders.

Leading the way for the women was Wadena-ian, LAURA MOONEN (photo with husband Jeremy), who became a three-time winner by covering the 220yard pool swim – 12 mile – 2 mile course in 1:01:47, which lowered her 2016 CR by twenty seconds.

Third here 2017, JENNIFER PINONIEMI from nearby Menagha, claimed the silver medal this time, her 1:03:58 was 6:02 faster than her clocking last year.

Third was earned by last year's runner-up CHELSA GOLDBERG, whose bronze medal time at her hometown race was 4:02 quicker than her silver medal effort in 2017.

Perham's MICHAEL BRASEL of Perham crushed the men's race best, his 53:20 was almost four minutes better than JEREMY MOONEN's prior CR.

We suspect that JEREMY and LAURA are related.

Spontaneity Can Be a Good Thing...



By Christina Roberts (from Facebook)


BERMUDA WORLD TRIATHLON RACE REPORT - Most of you know that I like a good plan and spontaneity is far from my strong suit. So when I decided on Thursday to race in a triathlon in Bermuda on Saturday, I was well out of my comfort zone (thanks Jordan Roby for the push)! I had registration...

Solo Dolo...


By Wade Cruser



That title is the same title of a Kid Cudi song from his Album “Man on the Moon: The End of Day”. Great album, top to bottom, give it a listen.  It also applies to my race at Cinco Du Mayo. From start to finish, just my shadow, myself and a head full of over-analyzing nonsense. 

For folks that don't know, Cinco is a very hilly 3/19.5/3 course. After the usual pre-race announcements, Judi got the 2018 Long course Cinco Du Mayo started right on time.  Unlike a triathlon, I get to wear running shoes and sprint to the front from the start (in a triathlon, I get to “sprint”, and watch the pack actually sprint away). For the first half mile or so, I heard foot steps behind me, and that is when it became solo dolo. At the turnaround of the 3 mile first run, I had about a minute gap.  They start the short course race 15 minutes after the long course. This year they started 15:30 after the long course, which meant I was running back into the park as the herd of short coursers were running out. Luckily the entrance/ exit road was coned off so I had plenty of room on the left to glide down the hill and take the right into transition just after the last short courser passed.  It’s always a little weird being the only person in transition.  I’m a pretty introverted dude, and not a huge fan of attention, but when I’m the only person in transition I can feel all the eyeballs on me as I try to buckle my helmet strap and pretend I’m not destroyed after running way too hard. ...

Wade's Cruising And Madg's Magic...



CINCO DU MAYO DUATHLON - There were highlights aplenty at the 11th annual Cinco Du Mayo Duathlons last Saturday. Not all of those highlights, though, were performance-related. The venue, the racing conditions, the social atmosphere and opportunities, and, of course, the post race taco feast, all conspired to make the Cinco experience a truly special one....

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