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It Rained. A Lot....(With Important Updates!)


LIBERTY TRIATHLON - It rained. A lot. And lightning became the kind of threat that forced race and USAT officials to shorten the bike route, albeit not before the leaders in both the Olympic and half IMers had passed the point where participants were rerouted. 

When the athletes de-biked, all were instructed to run the 10K course, which lopped an additional seven miles from the 70.3 route.

At least three participants eschewed the alterations, intent on doing the entire long course. One of them was elite entrant JOSH MORK, who'se eventual 4:21:06 was unofficial, though a signiificant improvement on his prior best at the distance.

Poor Josh. The week before he was enjoying a large lead when he zigged off course. He righted his ship, but the eventual result was a 3rd place finish, not a victory.

How would Josh have fared if fellow elites SEAN COOLEY, DAN ARLANDSON and WADE CRUSER (scary photo L - courtesy of Drew Frakes) decided to run the entire half marathon? We can only speculate, but that is something we love to do. Please don't take our conclusions too seriously....

Everyone Should Do This...

Not a race report, a “spectator report”


By Nikki Dostert Sudberry


NEW BRI TRI SPECTATOR REPORT - New Bri Tri brought many Minnesotans out of hibernation last Sunday.  The sprint distance triathlon attracted new and seasoned athletes to Long Lake beach where the wind was the talk of the morning.

I used to race every chance I could and now that I have nailed down my race schedule for the 2018 season I am making it my mission to spectate and support athletes when I’m not racing. And you know what? Everyone should try to do it.  I love to be able to empathize and relate to the athletes about the course, about the weather, about nervousness. 

Bringing my camera to the races (I’m not a photographer by trade… but a radiographer. So I take pictures INSIDE of the body.  I know, CREEPY AF but we are talking triathlons here) Anyway, bringing my camera to the races allows me to capture what we have all felt before, during and after our race. Nervous laughs, double- triple checking transition areas, serious faces, worried faces, pee faces.  ok, lets be honest, “pee face” doesn’t happen in triathlon; everyone pees in their wet suits!  (you can tell if your spectating a triathlon, duathlon or running event by the line to the port-john… triathlon lines are shorter for a reason…jussayin) ...

"...We Are Building Character Here..."


By Marc Sontowski


New Bri Tri race report- Vulgar language may appear, if you are offended I guess I don’t care. Also enjoy all the grammar flaws :) 

I was originally signed up for Buffalo, and well, no need to speak on that’s so here we are. I am overly excited for this race, because if you know me, you know I love to race. I don’t have a spare weekend in sight that I’m not doing some type of race.

I show up at the ass crack of dawn because that the type of person I am, not because I need to make sure I get all the pre ride, run, and swim in before transition closes, but because I just like being early to things. My pops always told me that being late to something is one of the most disrespectful things you can do in any circumstance. I guess I took that a little too serious as I was there about 5:55 and apparently the park wasn’t supposed to open until 6:30. 

As those who raced know, it was a little bit on the windy side, but wind builds character. I find out the swim is a time trial start, I still don’t know if I’m for or against it, I guess I really don’t give a shit either way. The swim was fantastic, the water temp was ideal, some waves and wind, but again we are building character here....

Racing Stuff From Last Weekend...


ESCAPE FROM ALCATRAZ - In 2014, CHRISTINA ROBERTS did Escape From Alcatraz, finishing an impressive 6th in the women's amateur race. It was a performance that helped launch her elite amateur career. Last Sunday, she returned to the Bay Area where she rocked an overall amateur podium finish. Adding more coolness to the deal is the fact that she was the first American amateur woman to finish, placing 3rd behind Sweden's decorated Jenny Nilson, who placed 2nd overall at Long Distance Worlds in 2015, and Italy's Michela Santini, who like Nilsson, is a pro duathlete / amateur triathlete. In 2014, Roberts turned in a time of 2:39:41. Last Sunday her time was 2:36:34, which landed her in 9th place overall, including pros.

Also excelling at Alcatraz was Roberts' sweetie pie, JORDAN ROBY, who cranked out a 7th place amateur finish (21st overall), as well as KRIS SPOTH (9th  amateur), and PAM STEVENS, 65, who won her AG by 26:20!  RESULTS


PIGMAN SPRINT - PATRICK PARISH placed 2nd on Sunday at Pigman Sprint. Also cracking the men's Top 10 was The U's BRADLEY WOODFORD. He placed 7th....

Getting the Party Started...



NEW BRI TRI - The air at Long Lake Regional Park yesterday was nippy, grey and fast-moving. But wind, colorlessness and chill were not the only things in the air.

There was also a grand sense of celebration, a true "Let's get this party started" vibe. That was because the park, for the 13th time, was hosting Minnesota's outdoor tri season opener, and the two-hundred and fifty-or-so New Bri Tri participants, and their sideline supporters as well, were ready to rock 'n roll.

And they did just that. Racers raced hard, and spectators spectated hard. Though the weather kinda sucked, everyone nevertheless made the most of it. And the result was a great morning, one filled with excitement and joy.

Though it may have been more joyful for JOSH MORK, who appeared to be en route to his third career multisport victory when he zigged. Unfortunately, he did so at a point where zigging or zagging was not called for, going straight ahead was. Shortly after he got back on course, he was overtaken by DAVID KOPPEL and 2017 Junior of the Year runner-up GARRETT WELSCH, now 20.

What resulted was a three man sprint to the finish, with Koppel crossing first, and Welsch second. Due to the time trial swim start, however, Welsch was the official winner with a 38-second margin over Koppel, who has podiumed in his first two starts this season. Mork crossed next, the results showing that he was only two seconds out of the silver medal postion.

Despite his mishap, Mork came away from the experience knowing that he raced hard, and well enough to win....

"I am not good at quitting"....



By Erin Ladendorf (bikesandcatsrightmeow.blogspot.com)


When I woke up last Saturday morning, I was the normal mix of both excitement and nerves. I had been counting the days down to the first race of my season, and on the morning of May 26th it was finally upon me. 

I had dialed the taper week in, and did everything I normally do leading up to a race. 

But with my focus being short course and speed this year, I was finding that my body was reacting in ways I hadn’t felt before. When I did my pre race run Friday, I felt a pain in my ankle that I hadn’t noticed before. I shook it off as a pre race phantom injury and nothing more. 

When I got to the race site Saturday morning, I felt great. I got warmed up and meandered up to the start line. I had some really awesome ladies toeing the line with me, so I was beyond stoked to get out there and race.

The countdown started, and as the group shuffled forward, I was out of the gate like a bat out of hell. I was determined to win overall AG today and my run was where I was going to achieve that. ...

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