Race Coverage

All the "Feels"...


By Nikki Dostert Sudberry


TRINONA - It’s 9:30 PM the night before our race. We had a big dilemma; do we get Domino’s delivered to the hotel or Ground Round?

We decided that having burgers and wraps would go better with our Coors. Ground Round it is!!

Silver Lining...


By Marc Sontowski


Minnetonka Triathlon Race Report

I was incredibly stoked for this race. The start was 4 miles from where I live, the bike is in my back yard, I have ridden the route numerous times, not even realizing it was the race course. Needless to say, I could probably do the bike course blindfolded if I had faith in people driving automobiles. Not saying I would do well, but It would have just felt like a day out on the bike and fun funfun.

Anyway, show up, setup, and wait to see if the swim is a go or not. We had what some may call less than optimal race weather.I am not a fan of Du’s so when I heard the swim was a go it felt like Christmas morning. Fist pumps, cheers, and clapping by the masses when we found out they were going to let us swim. 

Waiting for our wave (30-39 male) to start, there were a few cracks of thunder, and all of us at the beach were thinking, “just let us go”. We are off and it’s into a nice rainy swim. They said there would be a chance they would pull us out of the water if the weather got bad enough, I was thinking to myself during the swim “not sure how I would know they are trying to pull me out, unless they hit me with a paddle or I ran into the boat?” ...

"It was the right call"....


Yesterday's LAKE MINNETONKA TRIATHLON almost happened. But torrential rains, and persistent lightning in the immediate area, forced the mid-event cancellation. Five swim waves were launched before the devious storm, that on radar, was supposed to pass to the south of the venue, changed course. Only those in the first wave (Elite), and perhaps a few from wave #2 were able to mount up and ride out of T1 before the Powers that Be (law enforcement, race management and probably some insurance guys) decided to pull the plug.

"It was the right call," said participant/totally nice guy PETER LAWYER, 56, from Naples, Florida, adding , "I stating the obvious here."

Yes he was.

Naturally, people were bummed. The fifteen year old event is, after all, a true annual classic.

The most bummed out person there was race founder / director ROSS ROGNEY. The LMT is a true labor of love. Ross loves triathlon and capital-S sport, in general. He also adores Excelsior, his hometown, and relishes the opportunity to show it off. In case you didn't know, Ross lives in the house he grew up in....

Simone's Race Report...


ED. Simone Lundquist is a very talented and articulate young woman. Only 15, she is a successful triathlete, as is her older sister Taylor, who won Minnesota's Junior of the Year award in 2017. This is the first blog posting for the sisters.


By Simone Lundquist (sisterswho triblog.com)


When you’re an athlete who does many sports it can be hard to transition from one season to the next. You create a strong bond with your team and when your season ends it is hard to let go of all the fun memories you had. This is what I personally...

Back-to-Back Wins for the Gophers...


By Andy Hardt, Byron Smith, Sophie Rabino & Melanie Maloney


The University of Minnesota Gophers were back in action these past two weekends as they opened their summer season at the Pigman Triathlon in Cedar Rapids, IA followed by Trinona in Winona, MN.


The Gophers brought 11 total athletes and took the collegiate titles on both the men’s and women’s sides at the Pigman race.

On the women’s side, the Gophers were led by Sophie Rabino in 2nd (collegiate; 7th overall), who was the first or second fastest collegiate on all five splits (including transitions). Newly elected Team President Toni Marano was next in 3rd. Michelle Ring and Payton Keddell also had strong races and helped the team come away with the win. ...


More Racing News....



TRINONA - A quick glance at the Trinona X results tells us that GABY BUNTEN had threepeated, and by her bigliest margin yet. We had correctly predicted that ISU triathlete Jeff Mettler would join Gaby in the Olypic Winners' Circle.

We were most impressed with the number of teen athletes that rocked out in Winona last Sunday. Minneapolis (by way of Waconia, we think?) triathlete MATTHEW TRACY, 18, who flew under the radar in 2017 because he did his most impressive racing on Wisconsin soil, placed 2nd overall in the men's Olympic contest.

It was in the Sprint, were most of the juniors rocked out, though. Following winner  CHRISTOPHER BUDAHN, 35, of Kenyon, was silver medalist / 2017 JOY nominee CARTER DEICHMAN, 17, of Mankato. Also in the men's Top 5 were Carter's brother CARSON, 15 (4th) and Cambridge's JACK HENNEN, 17 (5th). Budahn was also victorious the previous weekend at Eau Claire.

2017 Junior of the Year TAYLOR LUNDQUIST, now 18, and her sister SIMONE, 15, though fatigued from having competed in the State Track Meet the previous day, placed 2nd and and 9th respectively. Taylor finished  only 20 seconds behind winner MIKKA NORBYRESULTS  ...

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