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Taylor's Happy Birthday...


Photo L-R - Someone we don't recognize, Morgan Bell, 15, Taylor Lundquist, 18, Simone Lundquist, 15.

BLAINE TRIATHLON - With her decisive victory at Lakeside Commons Park yesterday, TAYLOR LUNDQUIST nailed down a Junior of the Year nomination. The victory was her third of the season, and her time - 1:23:57 - nuked the prior Junior standard. The performance came the day after she competed for her high school at a cross country meet AND celebrated her 18th brithday.

Taylor wasn't the only Lundquist to turn an impressive effort at Blaine yesterday. Her sister SIMONE, who will turn 15 next week, was the 3rd female finisher, which marks the 2nd time this season that the up-and-comer cracked the women's overall podium, and fifth time she threw down an overall Top 10 finish.

Finishing between the Lundquists was QUIN SEILER, who we think is a lawyer. She's married to KOLE SEILER, who finished 9th in the men's race. The Seiler's have a big, fluffy, brown dog that they sometimes take to the Minnehaha Falls Dog Park.

The race for podium spots in the men's race was hotly contested, even hotlier than ever before, featuring BRIAN SAMES, JOSH MORK, two-time Blaine champ / course record holder CHRIS TATTON and 2016 Rookie of the Year nominee JOEL LAFRANCE. ...

Guts, Heart and Screaming Legs...


By Mike Buenting (mikebuenting.wordpress.com)


The ITU multi-sport festival landed in Penticton Canada for 2017 and hosting a week of World Championships races! It kicked off with Sprint distance Duathlon and will end this coming weekend with Long Distance Triathlon.
If you have never been to British Columbia and especially the Penticton (Okanagen Valley) area you must visit!! It’s simply beautiful and well pretty much the most amazing place I have raced or vacationed!

2016 USA Triathlon Duathlon National Championships was the qualifying race for this event, and I had one of my best races there that year as I won the National title for the Male 40-44 race and was the 2nd overall Master that year. So 2017 ITU Worlds were my goal race of this season! This was the race I focused on all year, and trained myself to peak at! However this all went south when the Wednesday morning before I flew out west to Canada I tweaked my hamstring running a simple 400 at 85% effort level on a track. I can’t explain what happened other than just the Saturday before I had been in Omaha and raced USA Triathlon Nationals had a solid race qualifying for Team USA in Triathlon for 2018 in Aussie land! Felt great early in the week but when I rounded the last corner of the track that morning a sharp zinger shot down my leg and I knew something was wrong! I stretched, iced did all the recovery things I could think of but no way I could get it lose again to run. UGH!!! Once I arrived in Penticton on Friday afternoon I went straight to the Team USA massage room and had our...



By Joe Adriaens (triad.triadriaens.com)


CHISAGO HALF IM RACE REPORT - Toughman long course: aptly named.  This race usually has some rolling hills on the run with little to no shade.  Although the course was changed a bit this year, the hills and heat remained the same. This course is tough no doubt, but honest.

Leading up to the Race

Theme of the race: REDEMPTION. Coming off the Heart of the Lakes debacle and the complete bonk-fest last year, I was looking for a performance I knew I was trained for. Chisago came just two weeks after HOLT, so that didn't give me much time to gain any additional fitness.  The workouts leading up to this were pretty low key with a few harder effort bikes and a couple tempo runs off the bike.  Other than that, pretty standard....

Making Great Memories...Updated...


HOPKINS ROYAL TRIATHLON – SCOTT and ANDREA MYERS had hoped to accomplish what they had often done during their nine-year stint in Ohio: Share the Winners Circle. Both had the advantage of low bib numbers, which allowed them to get favorable placement in the TT swim queue. Both were out the water ahead of everyone else, thus they went off the front.

Scott was able to stay there, arriving in T2 well ahead of the next arrivee. Andrea was passed only by a handful of men.

With fingers crossed, the Myers waited to learn their fate. In the end, Andrea prevailed, winning by nearly a minute over women's runner-up SARAH HUNTER, aka “The Huntress.” For Myers, 41, it was her second victory of the 2017 season. Her resume appears, once again, to be Master of the Year nomination-worthy.

For The Huntress, the performance was a breakout. She finished 7th here in 2016 in a time that was almost seven minutes slower than her Sunday effort. Good stuff.

Finishing 26-seconds after Hunter was ANDREA JENSEN, who races infrequently but has demonstrated elite potential in the past.

Unlike his wife, Scott Myers would have to settle for 2nd place, just ten seconds behind defending champ BRETT LOVAAS, who despite a very scary surgery-requiring health issue earlier in the year, has won three of the four triathlons he's done this season. The win on Sunday, according to our records, was the 33rd of his multisport career.

Claiming the final men's podium spot was 2016 Junior of the Year, MITCH CLAYTON, now 20. Though a bit scraped-up from a crash the previous weekend at Superior Man, Clayton turned in a fine effort, his time was just seconds off his AG's record....

Sara's Casual Approach...


 UPDATE: Great day for racing in Hopkins this morning. Coverage of the 4th annual Hopkins Royal Triathlon will post on Monday. RESULTS


LAKES COUNTRY TRIATHLON - SARA CARLSON is a lovely person all the time, but some of the time she is also a silly goose.

Via Facebook, Sara has let us know stuff about her competitive plans, noting that her main focus right now is running, i.e. qualifying for Boston, and that her tri racing is basically undesigned. She said, in effect, that if the spirit moves her, she'll make a last minute decision to pop into a multisport race. 

What a silly goose, right?

Carlson's casual approach this season has yielded incredible results. She not only posted her first career tri win--Graniteman Clearwater Sprint--but went on to collect two more victories--Young Life Olympic and Lakes Country. Amid these great performances was a satisfying 4:55 / 6th place finish at wetsuitless Chisago Half IM.

Maybe there's something to this casual approach? Maybe Sara's not such a silly goose, after all?

Sara's most recent triumph was last weekend at Lakes Country in Baxter, where she outraced 2013 LCT champ / perennial podiumer here, SARA SAMPSELL-JONES, who placed 2nd, and the current frontrunner for Female Junior of the Year, TAYLOR LUNDQUIST, 17, who has won two races outright this season....

Cheryl Wins Again....



MAPLE GROVE SPRINT - Though her season has been fraught with injury and rotten luck, CHERYL ZITUR managed to race like her three-time Master of the Year self last weekend at the soggy Maple Grove Sprint, winning that event for the 4th time.

(Cheryl won her first multisport race when she was 49. Now 52, she has amassed 11 wins.)

Zitur's time last Saturday--1:10:49--appeared to be well off her 1:06:01 course record she set in 2015, but it was actually closer than you might think. Several GPSs agreed that the swim course was closer to 1000 yards than the advertised 820.

Zitur's typical margin of victory here had been two-or-more minutes, but not so this time around. Occasional elite amateur triathlete / body builder SARA RONDORF, now 40, threw down an awesome performance, posting a 1:10:51, just two seconds behind the winner. (Zitur and Rondorf started in different waves, thus they were unaware of their positions during the race.)


The men's race was won by 2014 Minnesota Most Improved nominee / Team Minnesota member / totally nice guy  RYAN BAILEY, who seemed to disappear in 2015. This is because he got his pro license and raced on the ITU circuit. We're not sure if he is still a pro....

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