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Madison Delivers...



By Emma Adriaens (triad.tradrieans.com)


Early June now marks 70.3 Wisconsin, and I was pumped to be able to race again this year. Coming into the race this year, I was looking forward to being able to toe the line with the plan to execute all three legs of the race. Instead of only the swim and the bike like last year due to some refurbishing (hip surgery). This year I was tuned up and ready  to race! Friday before the race we loaded up the truck with everything we would need for racing and training purposes - including pre-made food a'la Chef Joe, because you never do anything new before race day.

Friday marked the usual road trip antics - coffee, snacks, snacks, and more snacks.

We rolled into Ironman Village immediately upon arrival in Madison. Priorities people!

I checked in, found my best friend's hubby to drag him through all the pre-race rituals because it was his first half Ironman, found my spot in transition, and thanked every volunteer that crossed my path. Let's be real, these races don't happen with out the amazing organization of some stellar volunteers. Whether it's the full Ironman or the half Ironman - you can bet your bottom dollar that Madison, Wisconsin is going to deliver...

Becky is Back!



LAKE WACONIA TRIATHLON - BECKY YOUNGBERG (photo L) had not raced in a multisport event since September 2011. When she appeared at Lake Waconia last Sunday, the question on the minds of some, certainly ours, was "how close to her former self would she perform." She had won the LWT in 2011 in the solid time of 1:35:37. We recall that race.

What an exciting competition that was. HEIDI KELLER MILER led through the first two phases. Becky was next, just over a minute back. In her rearview mirror was MICHELLE ANDRES, only a dozen seconds behind. To win, Becky needed to overtake HKM while holding off Andres. She did those things, and when the dust cleared, the podium was: 1. YOUNGBERG - 1:35:37, 2. ANDRES - 1:35:46, 3. KELLER MILER 1:35:54.

Could Becky match her 2011 time at LWT '18? Tall order, right? This is her first race back after a seven-year layoff. She's bound to have some rust. And she was 37 back then; she's 43 now.

And where would a 1:35 land her in the standings? It would have placed her 6th in 2016, 4th in 2015, 2nd in 2014 and 2013.

In the end, the new Youngberg did not race like the old Youndberg, the woman who had amassed at least 36 multisport wins in her pre-hiatus years. She raced better, which is to say, faster. ...

Barkin' With the Big Dogs....


LAKE WACONIA TRIATHLON - The three-hundred-plus athetes that showed-up last Sunday at picturesque Lake Waconia Regional Park came with their fingers crossed, either literally, or metaphorically. Morning weather reports weren't encouraging, and most feared that lightning would either abbreviate the event, as it had done at Liberty two weeks prior, or cancel it completely, as it had at Lake Minnetonka eight days ago.

The sky had morphed from blue to grey as race time approached, and there was mist in the atmosphere. But no lightning.

The race started on time, and everyone got in-and-out of the lake, onto their bikes and into the the beautiful hinterlands that encirlce Lake Waconia. It was raining now, but not heavily. The sky remained quiet. No thunder, that harbinger of yuckiness and stoppage.

In fact, the weather was actually quite accommodating, for the athletes, at least. It never rained hard enough for the roads to get greasy. It was gentle enough to keep athletes cool and comfortable, which ultimately led to fast times.

That JOSH MORK completed the bike course first clearly showed that he is ready to bark with the Big Dogs in our region. Most had expected to see MATT PAYNE, who they would later learn had crashed, or two-time LWT winner PATRICK PARISH, or WADE CRUSER, to be the leaders out of T2.

Mork had been running for nearly a minute when Wade and 47-year-old masters course record holder KEVIN O'CONNOR hit the pavement. Then came Parish. All three of Josh's pursuees brought formidable running creds to the table. Was Josh in way over his head? Or could he hold off some, or all, of these talented guys?  ...

Mankato Triathletes Rock Out at Fairmont...With Embarrassing Update...


FAIRMONT TRIATHLON – Times suggested that conditions were not optimal for the 165 finishers at the Fairmont races on June 16, an event that draws athletes almost equally from northern Iowa and eastern South Dakota, as well as Minnesota.

Leading the way on the Olympic event was 2017 Green Lake Sprint winner SPENCER SYVERTSON, a member of the Minnesota State Maverick's tri team. His margin of victory was huge, just over ten minutes.


The women's Olympic champ was another successful Mankato triathlete, KRIS ANDERSON, who also won by a substantial margin. Kris isn't the only talented triathlete in her family. Her 15-year-old daughter, GRACE, has shown great promise over the last three seasons. We expect her to contend for Junior of the Year nominations in the near future. Grace raced in the Fairmont Sprint and placed an impressive 4th overall in the women's competition....

Dealing With The Devil...


By Corey Nygaard (swimcoreyrun.blogspot.com)


IRONMAN BOULDER RACE REPORT - Third time is the charm right? This would be my third trip out to BoCo for Ironman and every year was going a little better than the last with racing, training etc. I felt good coming out this time around and was ready to see what my body could do come Sunday.

Mads and I packed up our sick minivan, which was amazing because I didn't have to break my bike down at all. And headed to North Platte, Nebraska, lovely, lovely Nebraska... we went for a run to get all that driving out of the legs and pretty much just chilled.

We got into town Friday morning and did all the necessary things. Went for a swim that night and it felt so good to swim in an outdoor lap pool! Saturday rolled around and I got up early to make final checks on the bike and then went for another outdoor swim because if it is there I want to use it! Mads and I drove to the res and dropped all my bags and bike off and said siyanara. Decided to go for a little drive/adventure after we ate lunch at Noodles. Headed up to Nederland and then across to Ward and I can see why any Colorado cyclist loves riding those roads, I'm envious. It was a good way to relax and get a huge headache, gotta stay up to code on that H2O consumption!  ...

Cutting Losses....


By Christina Roberts


Lake Minnetonka Triathlon "Race" Report.

Swim: Felt great, I absolutely love swimming in the rain. With 200m to go, I hit someone's arm and my new Garmin 935 quick release straps decided to release quickly and the watch started sinking. I stopped and spun around to see if I could catch it, but I proceeded to watch it sink to the bottom of Lake Minnetonka. Dang.

Bike: Pouring rain. Some lightening strikes. Hit a few potholes and my aero water bottle + bike computer popped off, hanging on by a tiny strap. I tried to re-connect it just to have it pop off again. I cut my losses and ditched the unit on the side of the road. Wrist watch gone, bike computer now gone! Was cruising until the half way turn-around when a volunteer told us the race was cancelled. I found out later that most people didn't even get out on the bike at all! I met up with Scott Myers and we pedaled back to transition...that was after we got lost on the way back and biked a few extra miles in the rain/lightning...

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