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Riff Rocks at the Reservior...

josh riffSt. Paul Pro David Thompson collected his 7th Pigman Half title and 66th career win on Sunday. Edina's Josh Riff (Yndecam.com photo) was the men's amateur champ. It was Riffer's 3rd half victory of the 2010 season. The women's winner was the "Queen of 70.3," Jackie Arendt of Madison, Wisconsin.

More to follow...RESULTS

Holden Nothing Back...

snakeSt. Paul Triathlon Coverage - "Ninety-seven bottles of Smirnoff on the wall...97 bottles of vodka," vodkathe woman with the strawberry blond hair sang with a theatrical slur. The other four women she was running with along the southeastern shoreline of Lake Phalen were laughing. The finish line of the 5th annual St. Paul Triathlon was just minutes away but for these girls, the party had begun long ago. They were celebrating life. It was a beautiful day; warm, but not too warm; sultry, ...

A Krakenesque Victory...

krakenYoung Life Triathlon Stuff -

Oh poop! We predicted that Thaddeus McCamant would win the Young Life Sprint Triathlon today.

He didn't.

But he came pretty darn close; that is, close for a guy who was predicted to win because he has a cool "old Timey" name. The Thaddinator--his cool new sobriquet--finished 37th.

Two of the people that Zippy the Gibbon predicted would win today did manage to do just that. Grand Rapids' Tara Makinen did repeat as the women's

Stuff From Angie...

twinsBy Angie Mracek

Rockie Mountain High...

mtbLeadville 100 MTB -

By Cathy Yndestad

What an amazing experience. I will get a real race report together soon, but in the meantime this photo serves as a summary of what this event was all about for me.

Sharing this truly EPIC event with Kerry was so unbelievable. Here I am jumping up and down as I see Kerry coming up to the finish line a full hour ahead of the 12hr cut-off, and 40minutes ahead of his projected finish time....

CY Rocks Rockies...

cyRace Coverage - By Steve "Speedo Boy" Stenzel

(Check out Steve's cool WEBSITE from whence we filched this news and image.)

Local triathlete Cathy Yndestad (photo-with hubby Kerry) from Apple Valley just went pro. Literally. Before she left town for the Leadville 100 Mile MTB race in Colorado, her pro card arrived in the mail. So it's official! She's a professional triathlete. Congrats Cathy!

Therefore, Leadville 100, which was held this past weekend, was her first race as a pro, and she didn't let us Minnesotans down. Of the over 1,300 athletes who started and the over 1,000 finishers, Cathy finished as the 12th overall female, and 5th in her division. She finished the 100 mile race in 9:37:30...

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