Race Coverage

"Good Water," Good Racing...


Race Coverage - By Darin "The Complete Angler" Wieneke.

Objects in the foreground of photos appear TOTALLY larger than they really are. In this deceptive shot, Darin's guppie looks almost like a bass.

Records Fell Like Rain...

arnoldRace Coverage -

Diane's Awesome Double...Updated

black eyePaynesville Coverage -

Lino Lakes' Diane Hankee has done something this season that no other Minnesota multisporter has done: Win two races on the same weekend! And she significantly overhauled the womens course records in both events. On Saturday she took a five minute-ish bite out of the CR at squishy Lakefront Days. Today (Sunday) she masticated 11 minutes from the old mark at irriguous Paynesville.

Her breath must smell like Victory.

Her win today was not without peril. Her husband Mike, who rocked a 3rd place overall finish, kicked her in the face during the swim. Through a wry grin afterwards, he claimed the incident was accidental. She's still steamed. Her wound was not quite as extensive or gruesome as the one in the photo, but we posted the shot because we liked it and we don't have a pic of Diane's traumatized physiognomy....

Saturday Racing Stuff...


Conditions were soggy but times were very fast at Lakefront V. Four women, led by Diane Hankee, slipped under Jen Lenarz' old course record. Andy Shiesl logowon again. Story& Photos coming soon...RESULTS

Taggart Downare and Julia Lyng shared the Winners Circle at Lake Minnewaska. MTN's Darin Wieneke, who placed 8th--nice going, Darin!--will file a story with photos. Lake Minnewaska RESULTS

They Made A Day of It.....

By Zach Hacker (wasecacountynews.com)


Paul Bunyan Stuff...

cardPretend that "Jack" in the image on the left is really "Mike," and "Kathy" is really "Colleen." Okay?

Bismarck, North Dakota's "Mike" Fretland collected his 2nd tri victory on Minnesota soil in 2010 at the Paul Bunyan Long Course Triathlon (1 mile-20 miles-5 miles) last Saturday. He also won the Lakes To Pines event on Park Rapids last April. Mike's time at PB was 1:51:21 and his margin over Nevis' David Lewis, whose '10 season features a 5th at Graniteman and a 6th at Chain of Lakes, was exactly four "mittens." (Ian--you don't know him but he is a totally cool kid--used to substitute the word "mittens" for "minutes" when his was a toddler. He's 12 now and gets most of his words right.) Chuck Jensen II of Ramsey, took 3rd....

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