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WINGMAN TRIATHLON - We were told many months ago that the 9th edition, and all editions thereafter, of this event was not going to happen. Imagine our surprise when we learned that forty-six athletes finished this year's non-existent race.

Wingman has to be the best-attended cancelled race ever!

Actually, we simply didn't get the memo when the decision was made to reinstate the event. We're glad that it didn't go away, just as we were happy to learn that Uncle Randy's races--Oakdale Du, New Bri, Square Lake--are not going away. The folks from TriFitness will be producing them. Even better, good 'ol Uncle Randy will probably be timing those races, so his smile and good will will still light up the local multi scene.

Back to Wingman.

Sunday's sprint race was won by Division III track and cross country runner JULIAN MANLEY, 22, from Spring Valley, WI. To do so, he had to outrun teen runner-up ABRAHAM EIDE, who we think is the twin brother of the guy who placed 3rd here in 2016. ...


The women's winner was KAITLIN WIEDEMAN.  RESULTS


NORTH MANKATO TRIATHLON - The 19th edition of this totally cool event had 153 finishers, not bad for a race that shared the weekend with  four other Minnesota triathlons and the National Championships.

BRETT LOVAAS claimed his 32nd career victory at the NMT. He shared the Winners Circle with VERONICA BOND, who is rockin' this season. It's great to see her race like she did in 2012 and 2013, when she was considered for Master of the Year nominations.

Overall runner-ups were KYLE KRAUSE, a mountain bike aficionado and lover of old time country music and Metallica, and talented teen ARIANNA WERTS, who has been to Venice and adores Ed Sheeran (Who doesn't? ) and Harry Potter movies (Who doesn't?).   RESULTS


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