Mr. Minnesota, Schnoodles & Pasta Kristina...



GOING OFF-COURSE!  - The 15th edition of the popular LAKE MINNETONKA TRIATHLON is coming up, so we thought it would be cool to go off-course with the LMT's awesome race director ROSS ROGNEY. Here's a bunch of fun stuff you may not have known about him: 


- Age 54

- Hometown -  Excelsior (I live in the home I was born in).

- Education - doctorate in chiropractic 

- Occupation - I have a chiropractic clinic in Excelsior.

- Dream Job - I'm doing it,  or a fishing guild - Bush pilot .

- Former Jobs - I have done a lot of bad jobs Bouncer, tarred roads, roofer, promoter.

- Family - Wife Tina, daughter Sophia, son Noah.

- Pets - I have the best dog in the world. Rosy, a white Shnoodle, and a gold fish (that won't die) Steve-o

- Tattoos? Decorative Mutilations? - Just scars my right leg is a mess....


MTN's May 2018 Athletes of the Month...



The first full month of the 2018 tri / du season has concluded. Based on a minimum of two outstanding performances during this period, here are MTN's May Athletes of the Month:



JESSON BAUMGARTNER, 36, Rochester (photo)

- Jesson raced twice, winning both times. His first W at Falls Du produced a course record. His 2nd win was at Apple, and featured a national class men's field including two-time national champion Todd Buckingham (MI), 2017 Apple winner Wade Cruser, Patrick Parish, the US's most decorated duathlete over the last half-dozen years, rising star Ted Treise, along with elites Kris Spoth, Josh Blankenheim, Brooks Grossinger, Kevin O'Connor, Andy Zabel, Jake Braam, Jacob Olsen et al. Baumgartner won the Duathlon World Championships in 2013....

Tattoo Boy Goes Down Under...


By Ann Halliwell (postbulletin.com)


A Rochester man is gearing up to run a triathlon in front of the whole world.
Michael Karau qualified for the 2018 ITU World Champions during the summer of last year. Now he’s in the final few months of training for a race with top triathletes from all across the world.

The best part? He only started running a few years ago.

‘I went from couch potato nothing to something in about three years,” he said. “The fact that I get to be part of something this big, it’s pretty cool.”

Karau, 36, has lived in Rochester his whole life....

Unreal Watts, Succulents and Toothbrushes...


By Erin Klegstad (sweetsweatlife.com)


So, April was in like a lion – two snowstorms! – and out like a lamb. Temps finally hit 80F on Monday, and wowza! I forgot what warm sunshine felt like on bare skin. #sunshinegivesmelife

Here are last month’s highlights.

1 – all the biking

With 24 days in the saddle, April was the month of the bike. The workouts weren’t long – no more than 80 minutes – but wowza… did they pack a punch, especially because of the compounding fatigue.

While many ended with me near puking and cursing coach, many also ended with me thinking, damn, I can’t believe I hit those watts – or, these watts cannot be real. Case in point: the first workout in the block that I read completely wrong. There’s a big difference between 30 seconds rest and four minutes + 30 seconds rest! ...

How Triathlon Makes a Better Mom...


By Susan Lacke (triathlete.com)


In a lot of ways, being a triathlete is not that different from being a mom. Both roles are tough, unpredictable, and require calm problem-solving on the fly. Both roles foster a new appreciation for the what the human body can do. And both roles are hugely rewarding. It makes sense, then, that moms make great triathletes. As it turns out, it works the other way, too. To celebrate Mother’s Day (Sunday, May 13), we asked triathlete moms about what they’ve experienced in this intersection of tri-ing and mom-ming. Their answers ranged from poignant to humorous to inspirational.

“Triathlon has been a great way for me to reconnect with my collegiate son. We have had a blast discovering tris together, including doing a half-iron together this past fall. We even got one of his younger brothers to do one with us! Driving out with him to nationals in Omaha from New Jersey will rank as one of my favorite road trips of all time, especially since he is graduating and moving farther away this summer.” – Kris Byrnes  ...

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