Self-Care: Refilling the Cup...


By Deanna Pomfret (teamusa.org)

My friend called me one morning to confirm that we were meeting up for a run. She’s the mother of three children who were giving her a hard time that day. She said “It’s not even 9 a.m. and my patience cup is empty.” We went for our run and afterward she said, “OK, it’s full again.”

If you put your ability to adapt to training into a cup, it would be similar to my friend’s patience cup. Stress is stress. Stress happens for many reasons like when we get sick, deal with difficult people, train and race. Our brain and body go through a chemical hormonal process that helps maintain health and adaptation to both physical and mental stress....

Cool New Clubs...

CenturyClub_banner.pngED. Here's a couple of new USAT sponsored clubs that are worth your consideration:


About the Century Club

The Century Event Club will be composed of any USA Triathlon members that has completed 100 or more triathlons or 100 or more duathlons for as long as they have been competing.
Athletes will receive a reward from USA Triathlon after every 100 events. Athletes will be asked to provide USA Triathlon with their completed event names, dates and results. At each milestone, the athlete will be placed into that specific club (100 races, 200 races, 300 races, etc.) and rewarded with a gift from USA Triathlon....

Change is Good......


By Jessica Rossing (Facebook)

I'm feeling a bit wistful this morning. For the past 8 years at this exact time I have been in the air en route to Miami to kick off the tri season with the South Beach triathlon.

It's hard, and not all at the same time. I'm not racing as much this year. I didn't take my team USA spot for the Netherlands this September. To instead have a summer full of different adventures.

Miami holds so many memories. I've met lifelong friends, experienced life changing events, and many firsts in the 305. I'm sad to not be headed there now. Triathlon in general holds so many memories. This feels huge to me to be switching it up and doing something different this year. I didn't think I'd feel so conflicted at times. Miami has been the start to my season, to a life I've know for the past 8 years....

Economic Benefit of Cycling in Minnesota...

calhoun_biking.pngDespite its cold winters, Minnesota — and the Twin Cities in particular — has long been recognized as one of the country’s biking-est places.

By Josephine Marcotty (startribune.com - March 28, 2017)

For many Minnesotans cycling is nothing more than a Sunday frolic, but a new report finds that the state’s bike industry produces $780 million in annual economic activity, 5,519 jobs and millions of dollars in health care savings because of reduced obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

And get this: Fully 13.6 percent of Twin Cities residents commute by bike, at least once in a while.

Those are the results of the first major investigation into the health and economic effects of the state’s bicycling industry, commissioned by the Minnesota...

They Call Him "Spike"...


They call him "Spike." There is probably an interesting story behind that. We wish we knew what it is.

The "him" to which we refer is Duane Millslagle. He's 67, a former UMD professor whose field of expertise was Motor Behavior.

Dr. Millslagle is the author a sciency book called "Motor Development and Sports Skills Clinic." We found the paperback version on Amazon.com. It cost, we're not making this up, $373.27.

It must be a really good book, huh? We didn't buy it.


Spike now lives in Savage, Minnesota, and as most of you know, is a highly accomplished triathlete. Last season he picked up impressive AG victories at Minneapolis Sprint and Lake Minnetonka....

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