Five Minnesotans Honored...Clarification...


ED. MTN thanks Du MOY Thomas Woods for clarifying some information. MTN picked Lee Piercy as our DOY and MOY. It turns out that he is a British citizen, thus ineligible for inclusion here. So, that elevates MATTHEW PAYNE to DOY on our list, and Woods to MOY. (Thomas was first HM on our original list.)


The 2016 USA Triathlon Duathletes of the Year and honorable mention selections were posted on the USAT website yesterday. We are reposting the list here with our comments.

Men’s Elite Duathlete of the Year: PATRICK PARISH (Bloomington, Minn. - photo)

COMMENT: We're very happy that PP was selected. He's deserved this accolade in the past, but wasn't honored.

Women’s Elite Duathlete of the Year: Alycia Hill (Tacoma, Wash.)
Honorable Mention: Sarah Graves

COMMENT: We're totally cool with Hill's pick.

Men’s Age-Group Duathlete of the Year: Keith Jackson (Englewood, Colo.)
Honorable Mention: Jesse Dunn, Jason Karavidas, MATTHEW PAYNE  ...

USAT's 2016 Athletes of the Year...

sassy_.pngFor more than two decades the MTN Guys have contributed to the selection of USAT Athletes of the Year. Our role is to provide bios of hundreds of triathletes and duathletes to the Selection Committee. This is where our input ends. We do not participate in the actual selection of AOYs and HMs,

USAT has been especially busy doing other stuff lately, thus it has taken until now for them to determine their AOYs and post their listings on their website.

We love the Federation's mission and respect their method. We especially appreciate the democratic method used to determine the winners and HMs. This means, of course, that we won't always get what we want, but that is cool. We may argue strongly, but understand that others have arguments that are just as valid, sometimes moreso. We change our minds often, and proudly. Sticking with decisions on principle, ones that we no longer agree with or believe in, isn't very smart, is it?

Today we reveal USAT's Triathletes of the Year and our comments.

MEN'S TRIATHLETE OF THE YEAR: Christopher Douglas (Atlanta, Ga.)
Honorable Mention: Todd Buckingham, Ryan Giuliano, Tim Hola, Derek Jakobowski, Daniel Stubleski

COMMENT: Our list, which we determined last November, differs greatly from USAT's, though we concur that they selected worthy recipients. Our list: AOY - Ryan Giuliano (IL). HMs - 1. Christopher Douglas (GA), Kyle Hooker (FL), Clay Emge (TX), Tim Rea (OR), Brian Duffy (PA) ...

Think Downhill...


By Aaron Scheidies (teamusa.org)

When you are in your best form in the pool and run and best position on the bike you should  feel as though you are on a slight downhill....

Big Heart. Big Mind....

emy_face.pngED. Many of you know EMY EVERHART. She's a wonderful person and an accomplished triathlete. A Rookie of the Year nominee in 2014, she picked up her first career win at the Omaha Aquabike last year.

We recently learned that Emy is a mental health specialist, a "Clinal Social Worker/Therapist" to be precise. We read her professional bio on PsychologyToday.com and were very impressed. Here it is:


Sometimes in life we can feel like we have no control over what is happening, the paths our relationships are taking, or what the future might have in store for us. We can get to a place where we are stuck in a continuous cycle of negative thinking, gloomy feelings, and ineffective behaviors. I have experience providing therapy to individuals struggling with depression, anxiety, grief/loss, life transitions, relationship changes/separation, substance use issues, stress management, academic challenges, chronic illness, sexuality/gender identity issues, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia spectrum, and life balance....

"Definitely a Film Worth Seeing"...



“Flatline To Finish Line” is a totally Ironman-centric documentary that is at times both massively uplifting and a huge freaking bummer—definitely a film that’s worth seeing, regardless of your IM tattoo status."


By Chris Foster (triathlete.com)


Lately there seems to be a spate of triathlon movies rising to the surface. Four months ago, Triathlete Editor-in-Chief Erin Beresini stumbled upon a floating turd in the form of “Run To Me”—a disastrously tone-deaf attempt by Lifetime to (finally?) try to cash in on this whole triathlon thing. Clearly, no one involved in this movie spent any time speaking to an actual triathlete, but then again Lifetime sometimes sets a pretty low bar anyway.


A month later, Erin hit cinematic paydirt when she watched another fictional triathlon movie aptly named, “TRI.” In her review, she called it “the award-winning, feel-good triathlon film of the year [that] gets our sport right.” So at least we’ve got that going for us, which is nice.

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