SwimRun Comes to Minnesota!



Richmond, VA - IGNITE SwimRun is the first US-based company to organize a multi-statet race series, offering events in Maryland, MINNESOTA, Rhode Island and Virginia in 2018. The Virginia race will serve as the first-ever SwimRun US. National Championship.

Inspired by the international OTILLO "Island to Island" races in Stockholm, Sweden, IGNITE SwimRun events are multistage endurance competitions in which two-person teams run and swim together through a cross country course involving up to 8 swim legs and 9 run legs covering 16-25 miles. Teams are allowed to wear wetsuits and use flotation bouys, paddles and tethers if they choose, but are required to carry all of their gear with them for the duration of the event....

Off Season Cycling Strategies: Relaxed Focus...



By Taylor Thomas (trainingpeaks.com)

When athletes talk about the “off-season,” often terms such as base miles, long slow training (LST), endurance rides and others get tossed around. These terms have become a catch-all to describe the training during a time of year when cyclists take a break from race specificity, and prepare mentally and physically for the coming season. 

Despite this period of relaxed focus, there’s still merit in performing dedicated workouts that allow you to hone in on key areas. These workouts should be specific in their purpose, well thought out, and take place during the appropriate training block. 

The right amount of focus during the off-season leads to a quicker transition to race-specific training, as well as increased confidence in an athlete’s preparedness to execute that training. 

Perform a Post-Season Analysis

When the race season has come to an end and it’s time for off-season preparation, a detailed post-season analysis is critical. Reviewing past races, workouts, and key metrics allows for time to reflect on the successes and possible shortcomings of the season. ...

Blessings & Gifts from 2017...



By Sara Carlson (sarastrilife.blogspot.com)


As I relect on 2017, I recognize the any blessings and gifts that I have such appreciation for. The year has flown by and so many memories were made along the way. Here's some of the highlights and top things I am grateful for from seventeen...


Summer! Need I say more?! I absolutely love summer. The heat, the time on the lake, the fishing, the longer days, the birthdays )both my husband and I!). Although, next year will bring a big birthday for me. I will enter my 5th decade on July 21st. What? How did that sneak up on me so quickly. Boy, I don't feel like an old lady yet. But, I'm sticking with the fact that age is just a number and the women's 40-44 year old age group is seriously calling my name!

"...Why am I Still Doing This Thing?"



By Laura Swartz

THE YEAR OF 50…why am I still doing this racing thing?

Years ago, 23 to be exact, I ran my first marathon. Two years later I ran a second marathon and got my BQ nearly missing it by seconds. The article pictured was printed a month before that race and I hung it over my desk at work for the next 6 years. Mr. Mackay just put my feelings into words “persistence” and the “world tells us we can’t succeed”. Now I among others call this GRIT (the book I loved reading and often talk about). These words have been my inner mantra since I was gymnast and didn’t make the team initially in elementary school. Growing up If someone told me I couldn’t achieve one of my goals I just worked harder to prove them wrong. I did it for me. I have continued to do this in racing. Of course placing high or winning feels great but my husband would tell you even if I when I win a race or make the podium I analyze my race for the next 24+ hours. I would ask myself what I could do different/ how I could be faster/#bebetter.

I thought this year THE YEAR OF 50 would mean a big race but instead it meant a big finish. In January, I was trying to plan a race schedule with some new epic race. A balance of family time with training & racing didn’t allow for that so instead I set my focus on USATAGN Sprint distance. This is where the dedication, persistence, and support from family & friends came into play. The year of 50 meant I stood on the podium with my highest finish to date. There were obstacles as always. More than that there was tremendous support. A gigantic thank you to KRIS SWARTHOUT my coach who I taught me to soar higher than I dreamed possible, pushed me to get there when I needed it, and sometimes served as a therapist. To my husband DAN and main training partner I am so lucky to have you. I chase him & our friend JOSH KENT around the lakes or through Wirth Trails logging many miles-thx guys. My twin sister MICHELLE DANKWERTH is my biggest supporter and a tough chick herself as she completed her first 50 mile ultra for her YEAR OF 50! Another great big thank you to ERIK’S BIKE SHOP and the team at the Minnetonka store who continue to support me my bike and...




ED. Last week MTN contacted most of our state's multisport directors about marketing their events in 2018. It should be noted here that the future of of sport in Minnesota is a hot topic with most of the directors. They all want to figure out what they can do, and what athletes (and support resources like MTN) can do, to reverse the downward trend that Triathlon has been in for the last half dozen years. Clint Agar responded immediately, and he has given us permission to post his letter. Please read. It's good stuff. And so important.


Hey MTN Guys,


Looks great! We will be in again for MN Tri news advertising. 


I've given a good amount thought into how to grow the sport of triathlon in MN and, of course, our event. Looking forward, overall triathlon growth is going to need an increase over time in the number of female athletes participating. Our event, in particular, attracts men 2:1 over women. We can't afford any decrease in male participation with our female participation being so low. The last running boom paralleled an explosive growth in female participation. If triathlon can evoke appeals to both genders I think we will see paralleled growth in triathlon. 


One of our changes in 2018 will be to change the name of Superior Man Tri to just Superior Tri. It's a subtle but important change. Female-only tris are making the sport more inviting, but more can be done to change the undertone of the broader culture and this is our way of leading that change. We will be vocal about it. ...


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