CY: Legendary Stats...

cy_victory.pngCATHY YNDESTAD has been living in Switzerland for the last two years. Unless their initial plans have changed, she and awesome husband Kerry will remain in Europe for another year, then return to the US. We sure hope they move back to Minnesota and rejoin our multisport community. (They own property in Arizona, and could decide to relocate there.)

We miss the Yndestads. Gosh, they have contributed so much to our community; she as as athlete, coach and ambassador; he as a photographer/historian and all-around great guy.

We were looking at CY's competitive resume yesterday. No Minnesota multisportswoman has accomplished more than her. Don't believe us? Check out her highlights:

Career Multisport Wins: 71 (Most by any Minnesota woman)

National Honors: 2009 USAT Athlete of the Year, 2008 USAT AOY HM, USAT 2007 AOY HM ...

Swim Cords, Stationary Bikes, Stairways...

swim_cord.pngTips and tricks for transforming travel lemons (broken treadmill in the hotel gym?!) into lemonade.


By Chris Foster (triathlete.com)

You know the drill. You’ve got a swim on your schedule, but no lap lane in sight. Or a run, but you’re staying right off the freeway by the airport with no sidewalks around. Fret not! Just because you’re on the road doesn’t mean your training must suffer. Presenting six inventive ways to keep your swim-bike-run on track when you can’t find one.


Good: Stay in a hotel, motel, Holiday Inn, campsite or highway underpass—it doesn’t matter! Bring along a pair of swim cords (Finis, $32, Finisinc.com), and attach to a doorknob, tree or roadside...

Soreness: The Good Kind or the Bad Kind?

good_pain.pngBy Jordan D. Metzl (triathlete.com)

How to tell if your post-workout soreness is the good kind or the bad kind—and how to keep it from turning wicked.

When muscle tissue is injured by exercise, the fibers tear. Ideally, in a day or two the fibers repair themselves and are stronger than before. This is the basis of building muscle, and some muscle soreness after a workout—especially during the first few weeks of intensified activity—is to be expected. It’s totally normal for your quads and glutes to ache after the first hilly run or ride of the season, for example.

But if your muscle soreness is intense and doesn’t begin until 24 to 48 hours after the muscle injury, you may have a serious condition called delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS). It can happen when you apply an excessive loading force to muscle cells. It’s important to distinguish the symptoms of DOMS from the everyday aches and pains that come after hard exercise. This pain can be severe....

Food That Helps You Sleep Better...


By Pippa Taylor (triathlete.com)


Q: I sometimes have trouble sleeping. Are there any foods that can help or any that I should avoid?


A: Sleep is vital for not only athletes trying to recover from rigorous training schedules, but for everyone for overall health and optimal functioning. The complex relationship of physiological and psychological effects means it also helps prevent muscle loss and speeds weight loss, while inadequate sleep leads to worsened...

Don't Text & Train...



By Bethany Mavis (triathlete.com)


Talking or texting on a cell phone while you exercise will lower your workout intensity and alter your balance. That’s the latest info from researchers at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania who’ve released two studies looking into the effects of texting, listening to music and talking on exercise. In their latest study, published in December, the researchers examined 45 college students’ cell phone use during postural stability...

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