Help! Kris Needs a Dress...

kris & MarkThe Whole Story :) - By KRIS MIELKE & MARK KUHN

Kris: It all began back on February 7th, 2009. It was the first gathering of the Team in Training Summer teams for a very chilly run around Lake Calhoun. Quite often a handful of runners get together before the team run to get in a few extra miles. I was not really up for the idea considering the icicles that would likely form on my face but peer pressure by two of my close friends at the time got me out of bed. We arrived at the lake and there was a handful of people there I knew and some that I didn't. One "newbie" caught my eye. All dressed in black with the best blue eyes and smile. Granted that's about all that was exposed due to the layers upon layers of run clothes but still :) That was my first introduction to Mark....

Golden Rides...


By Rose Greenleaf

"Hi. I'm a triathlete and I pee on MY bike." I then passed the sacred glide stick to the guy next to me. "Hello. I'm a triathlete and I have been peeing on the bike for 4 years." He passed the stick to the next person...

No one tells you these dirty little secrets when they first try to induct you into their secret club. No one mentions these trivial absurdities when they woo you with flashy bikes and attempt to indoctrinate you into their "healthy" lifestyle. You don't find out until later, when you become....one of them. (Insert scary high pitched noise here.)

I was zipping up the guy's wetsuit next to me when the subject came up. "Rose, you know..

A Totally Cool Story...

logoby Lynn Kuhns

Open Water Swimming Stuff...

lakeNew MTN Poll: Where Is The Best Place To Open Water Swim?

By Darin Wieneke

MTN will be launching a new poll question next week regarding the best place to open water swim in the Twin Cities area. Before we post the poll, we would like to get nominations from MTN readers about their favorite spots. So where do you think is the best place to open water swim? Please respond by either posting a comment below or emailing me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The top six nominations will be included in the poll...

The 600 Pound Man..


By Steve Edmonson

Hello my name is Steve Edmonson, and since May of 2005, I have completed 6-7 Triathlons per year, including (4) 70.3 distance events, and numerous 1/2 Marathons, and the Twin Cities Marathon in 2006, 2007 and 2009. My claim to fame in these races is that I entered, and finished.

The reason MTN asked me to write this article is more because of where I came from than anything else. I take you back to the morning of December 10th 2003, I am checking in at Abbott Northwestern Hospital, and they weighed me in at a svelt 575 pounds...

I had been heavier, but they make you diet before they will perform..

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