Love for Kevin & Uncle Randy...


WE'RE BUMMED! - After the Square Lake Triathlon on September 9, everyone's BFF, UNCLE RANDY (Randy Fulton), will no longer produce multisport races. Since 2001, when Randy founded Square Lake, his first multi, he has produced more than 200 tris and dus, great events like the Oakdale Du, New Bri Tri, St. Paul Triathlon, and of course, Square Lake Half and Sprint. Like you, we are going to miss those races, but more than that, we are going to miss Uncle Randy. He is a special guy, a man whose upbeat attitude and big heart made him a joy to be around.

Randy has an adventuous spirit, and has always sought new experiences. That is why he's moving on. 

Thanks for your wonderful contribution to our lives, Randy!


YOU'VE ALREADY HEARD - KEVIN O'CONNOR has left Gear West Bike & Triathlon (photo below). No single person, or business (GWB & T), has contributed more to Minnesota's multisport community, and made it what, in our humble opinion, it is today: The Best Triathlon State in America. We can't thank Kevin enough for his contributions. 

MTN is planning a more fitting tribute to Kevin, which will be posted later this month. Stay tuned for that. And know that Kevin's excellent crew at Gear West Bike & Tri are still in place, so you will continue to receive the first-class, professional service you have come to expect.

- MINI-PREVIEWS -    ....


NORTH MANKATO TRIATHLON - We took a peek at the start list for Sunday's race. Our picks to win the 19th NMT are BRETT LOVAAS, 42, and ALY WERTZ, 16. A W for Lovaas would be the 32nd of his impressive career. For Wertz, who has a very bright tri future, it would be her first career win in an adult race.

We're also keeping our eye on local teen CARTER DEICHMAN, 16, who is rocking socks this season and may earn a Junior of the Year nomination.



Walk-up registration on race morning will be available. Approximately 250 participants are expected. Not bad, considering how many races are taking place in Minnesota this weekend, and the fact that many of our state's athletes are in Nebraska for the 2017 USAT National Championships.   RACE WEBSITE



GREEN LAKE TRIATHLON - During their nine-year stint in Ohio, SCOTT and ANDREA MYERS shared the Winner's Circle at dozens of races. That hasn't happened since their return to Minnesota, but we believe that will change on Sunday. The Myers are our picks to win the Green Lake Olympic. We also predict that Andrea will lower the women's masters record.


As for the GL Sprint, which turns fourteen, our picks are JEN NEUMAN, who is gunning for her third straight win here, and ROBERT BROWN, who has won this race three times and has four other podium finishes as well.


GL is an awesome event and has a wonderful venue in Spicer.

Close to 300 participants are expected.  RACE WEBSITE



+1 #1 Vicki Ostendorf 2017-08-15 11:56
Hey Jerry- We just wanted you to know that Tri Fitness will be taking over Randy's multi-sport events in 2018, so those races will NOT go away. In fact, we will continue enjoying Randy's fun at all of our events as he is timing for us in 2018!

ED. That's great news, Vic!

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