Multilingual Bee Lover....

nancy_flowers.pngDo you know NANCY BAUER?

If you do, you know that she is very nice and wears blue compression socks at races.

If you don't, here is some stuff about her: she is an avid and successful triathlete and nordic skier. She loves bees and flowers and speaks fluent French.

French and Spanish are "romance" languages, which means that, when spoken, they sound better than other languages. French is known as "The Language of Love," which relegates Spanish to being "The Language of 'I Like You A Lot.'"

We digress.

Almost everything that French people, and French-as-a-second-language folks like Nancy, say sounds poetic and romantic. For example, "Le chein defeque sur le tapis" sounds like "Shane loves your tapestry." But Nancy knows that what was really said was, "The dog pooped on the rug."

Once again, we digress....


In 2015, Nancy, then 67, had perhaps her best season ever as a triathlete. With a few divisional course records thrown in for good measure, Nancy won her AG in at least five races. (She posted at least two AG victories in 2016.) Check out her 2015 scorecard:

- 1st AG @ Buffalo Sprint

- 1st AG @ Capitol City (She's bummed that this race was later cancelled. So are we.)

- 1st AG @ Heart of the Lakes Sprint

- 1st AG @ Toughman Sprint

- 1st AG @ YWCA Women's Triathlon

Nancy Bauer will enter a new AG later this year, we think. We predict that she is going to set some impressive 70+ performance standards.

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