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Happy New Year From the MTN Guys!


Iron Nikki...


By Nikki Dostert Sudberry

Today (Tuesday) while I was at the gym I received a “congratulations “ on a race that I completed 7 weeks ago. After talking for a bit about some upcoming running races it was said repeatedly that I was a.) an Iron Girl and b.) an Iron woman....

2017 MMA Nominees...Complete List...


Photo - Gaby Bunten is nominated in three categories this year.

2017 MINNESOTA MULTISPORT AWARDS - Here are all of the 2017 MMA nominees:


  • ROOKIE – 1. Jake Braam, 2. Keeghan Hurley, 3. Emily Muellner

  • JUNIOR – 1. Anders Broman, 2. Carter Deichman, 3. Taylor Lundquist, 4. Garrett Welsch

  • GRAND MASTER – 1. Jan Guenther, 2. Neil King, 3. Daniel Kirk, 4. Pam Stevens

  • MASTER – WOMEN – 1. Diane Hankee, 2. Christel Kippenhan, 3. Andrea Myers, 4. Julia Weisbecker

  • MASTER – MEN – 1. Brooks Grossinger, 2. David Holden,3. Matthew Payne, 4. Chris Tatton

  • MOST IMPROVED – WOMEN – 1. Gaby Bunten, 2. Nicole Heininger, 3. Kelly Trom, 4. Maggie Weiss

  • MOST IMPROVED – MEN – 1.Joe Adrieans, 2. Nathan Ansbaugh, 3.  Jordan Roby, 4. Andy Wiberg

  • DUATHLETE – 1. Wade Cruser, 2. Brian Sames, 3. Kris Spoth, 4. Dani Vsetecka ...


"After Three Years of Pondering"....



ED. HEART OF THE LAKES TRIATHLON coverage will post on Tuesday. RESULTS


By Jessica Maher (

Timberman Sprint Race Report - After 3 years of pondering, one cancelled race, and 3 weeks of scrambling to make up for a month of lazy (ok nonexistent) training, I finally did it! I completed my first triathlon. After many recommendations, I zeroed in on the Timberman in Cohasset.

The weather was perfect. The sun was out, the lake was calm, and only a slight breeze. The morning was a blur. I was a nervous wreck. Tried to eat breakfast, but couldn’t. Stared at my bike a lot, and aimlessly dug through my bag looking for things I may have forgotten to lay out in my transition area.

Race time! Thirty one minutes passed between the first wave going out in the swim and my own so I got comfortable chatting with a couple of nice women from my heat. It turned out that we were all nurses. After bonding over our ability to handle any bodily fluid it was our turn to go. I contemplated running out of the lake screaming but held myself back....

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