Hippos, Numb Tips & The Space/Time Thing...

poolsteveMore Race Coverage - In an effort to feature as many voices as possible on this site, we ask athletes to write about their racing experiences. Our reason for this is simple: Numb Tips!


Numb fingertips. A function of being forced to tap out too much of the site's editorial ourselves.

Sometimes no one answers the call and we tap our tips--not every finger, mind you, we are primitive hunters-and-peckers--into insensate insentientosity.

And sometimes everyone submits stuff, which we love. That's why you are about to read the 3rd--count 'em!--Young Life Triathlon race report. Joining Sam Janicki and Dr. Christel Kippenhan, whose..

Words From a Big Picture Guy...

joshPigman Race Report - By Josh Riffpig

Pigman long course this weekend represented a (near) culmination of a fantastic season that keeps getting better. As a big picture person the actual race itself was the small accomplishment, it is everything around the race that makes this race so special.

The facts:

SWIM: The day started off warm. The water temperature was 78 degrees so it was wetsuit legal. We were warming up but by the 7:30 race start we still could not see the first buoy. About an hour later the fog suddenly cleared and the race started. I caught a perfect draft and decided to "own" those feet and play it smart. I exited with two of the elite women with Dan Cohen right behind me...

An Instant Classic?


Maple Grove Triathlon Preview - The Midwest Multisport Series is arguably the most competitive amateur tri series in the US. Few of Minnesota's sixty-or-so non-MMS multis boast such incredibly deep fields, though Buffalo Olympic, Chisago and Minneman come pretty darn close....

Bonnie's Unbagged ZZZZZ...


(Photo: Not the kind of REMs that Bonnie needs.)

By Bonnie Remlacker -

"The Executive Triathlete Exercise Desk 3000, shaped to accompany your bike trainer and yet allow you to work as if sitting at your office desk. Extra water bottle holders included. Just set up your bike and get your training done as you work!" That was the thought I had as my coach told me, "Oh, and be sure to get plenty of sleep!"

Here's a snap shot of my current daily life schedule:...

Christel's "Pingelig Maschine"...

christelYoung Life Race Report - By Christel Kippenhan (photo) logo

(ED. Christel is from Germany, hence the Teutonic title and the fact that she writes with an accent.)

On Saturday morning, Detroit Lakes greeted us with a thick blanket of fog. We were joking that they would need to attach beepers to the buoys and blinking lights to the athletes

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