Great Shot, Paul!

lake nokomisWe've looked at hundreds of great photos from Saturday's Life Time Fitness Triathlon. This artsy fartsy shot, taken by the gifted Paul Phillips, is one of our faves. It appears also in the Triathlete Magazine online photo galley and, of course, on Paul's great website.


There are other great shots on the next page and links to various galleries can be found on page two of the original race coverage story (Life Time Fitness Stuff....)

Elysian & Graniteman Stuff...

todd* Brett Lovaas, whose name is sometimes lewdly mispronounced, picked up his first win of the season at the umteenth Elysian Triathlon on Saturday. Last year's ET champ Todd Landgraff, whose name is rarely mispronounced and is enjoying a breakout season in 2010, finished 2nd only 10 seconds behind Mr. Lah-vass' (phonetic pronunciation with accent). Jackie Pribyl, whose last name is slightly vowel-starved (an ethnic deal), was the women's champion. Almost 300 athletes participated in this year's event. RESULTS

* Facebook Photo: L-R - A girl, Todd Landgraff and a tree.

* The nubile Nikki Bergh--she's getting married to her high school sweetheart in December--is a lovely person, a fine athlete, a paragon of pedagogy and totally cute...

Recidivists Rule...

timberDan Cohen won his 3rd consecutive Timberman Triathlon today. His Margin victory over dear friend and coaching partner John Shelp, who placed 2nd, was a thick 3:23.

Runner-up in 2009 and 2008, Brooks Grossinger took 3rd today.

The women's champ was Jan Guenther, a four-time winner here. Her outstanding 2:09:29--she's 51 for goshsakes!-- landed her at the finish line 2:12 ahead of 2nd placing Suzie Finger. Angel Hohenstein took 3rd....

Life Time Fitness Stuff...(With Results & Links)

paul* It's possible that as early as 2016 Cathy Yndestad will have to take off a shoe in ltforder to count her Life Time Fitness victories. The amazing CY picked up her 5th LTF win this morning. That covers one hand. She'll start counting on the second hand next year.

* Catherine Lee continues to excel in 2010. She placed 4th at LTF. Elite Master Sarah Mercer of Golden Valley finished 7th.

* The men's Elite Amateur race was won by late registrant Patrick Davis of Ankeny, IA. Davis' 2010 resume features a win at Miami International and a 2nd at Hy-Vee. Previously undefeated in 2010, Cirlce Pines' Patrick Parish placed 2nd. Columbia Height's Matt Payne took 4th and rookie phenom Daniel Hedgecock (Minneapolis) finished 6th. Other Minnesotans in the EA Top 10 were Josh Riff (7th) and Steve Sander (10th)....

Fun At The Expo...

kris jmatt

L - Coaches Kris and Devon do cool, cutting-edge testing stuff at the LTF Expo with a prominent, temporarily faceless local triathlete who happens to be married to our state's premier multisportsman and whose name rhymes with "Tannah Tullivan." She asked to remain nameless and we were happy to oblige. R- Jmatt and Kevin getting inordinately excited about a helmet....

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