We Want Anne To Win...

anneAnne Garlock is a totally nice person. She's and avid triathlete and her family may evenbarn have a barn with "GARLOCK" shingled into the roof. But maybe not. There may me more than one Garlock family in the world. The photo of the insanely pretty girl may or may not be the right Anne Garlock. We found this pic on Google. As we said, it's possible that there are multiple Garlocks, and maybe even multiple Anne Garlocks.

Yesterday Anne--we're on a first name basis now--sent us an e-mail saying that she enjoys Minnesota Tri News. Her generous words, there were at least 20 of them, made our day. Heck, it made our week. We now want Anne to be our BFF.

And we hope that Anne wins the Chaska Triathlon on Saturday....

Kids These Days...


Kate and Thomas are 29. Not individually; their combined age is 29. Kate Lowrey is 15, Thomas Edwards is 14, and they are talented enough to be listed among the podium hopefuls for this Saturday's Chaska River City Days Triathlon....

Practicing What He Preaches...

sugar lakeBy Dan Cohen

I had a great time at Timberman this year. I always look forward to spending time up north at the Sugar Lake Lodge and tackling the Brutal course. There were several Optumhealth Performance athletes racing so it was great to see them in action.

In my opinion, the bike course is the most challenging in the State. It

Great Story, Jake!

cheriBy Jacob Laxen

(http://www.stcloudtimes.com / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

For three days in April 2008, Sauk Rapids resident Cheri Bates (photo) was confined to a hospital bed, left to ponder her life.

The previous six days she spent drunk, celebrating the fact that she

She May Never Play The Piano Again...


Julie Hull is not only a talented triathlete and gymnast who likes to do cartwheels and flips at the end of long races, she is also a very attractive woman.

Except for her right hand, which is actually kinda gruesome.

She went over the bars at Life Time Fitness Elite this weekend in a humanitarian effort to not crash into a totally in-the-way spectator. Her wrist was broken in two places and she also has the attendant livid rashes. Adrenaline was her only analgesic when she postponed her trip to the med tent and went on to finish the race.


Julie is not only fit, she is immensely healthy. She takes great care of herself, uses organic moisturizers and stuff like that, and doesn't eat too much cheese or too many Red Vines. (Don't you love Red Vines?). Her injuries will heal..

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