Wanting to go to There...

hudsonRace Preview - Isn't that a great picture? It's an aerial view of picturesque Hudson, Wisconsin. Doesn't looking at this photo make you want to say, as the super tinasmart and milk-shooting-out-your-nose funny and kinda hot Tina Fey (photo) of 30 Rock fame has so often, "I want to go to there"?

Hudson is an especially great "there" to go to for triathletes this Sunday, when the 8th edition of the totally cool St. Croix Valley International Triathlon will be staged at scenic Waterfront Park, which you can almost see in the picture, but not quite because of all the trees...

Energy & Rewards...


l & j(Photo L- R: Maple Grove Triathlon co-directors Lindsey and Jeannette. Don't you love their matching outfits!)

The Dare to Tri directors reflect on their first race.

Amazed. Humbled. Excited, Energized are the words I think of when I think of Dare to TRI this past Saturday. From the hardworking enthusiastic volunteers to the athletes who set goals we were able to watch them complete it was an overall perfect day in my opinion! None of it could have been possible with out the huge support of the Maple Grove community, our families and friends. We are so thankful to have been able to showcase our little corner of the city in a positive active lifestyle light. Congratulations to all involved! We look forward to seeing you next year!

Jeanette Neumann, Race Director

"You decided to start a Triathlon? How?" 'Tis the question we heard much throughout the year. The answer really is a simple "yes" (of course with much heartfelt passion behind it). Our quest to the finish line was a bit different than our participating athletes featuring proposals, late-night laptop sessions,..

Like a Good Novel...

crashRace Coverage - By Steph Alcivar

The Murphy Duathlon is a great introduction into off-road multi-sport events for the seasoned triathlete. The run course is quite challenging, serving as a great test of strength and high-output endurance on those never-ending hills. And the bike course is a great entry-level trail that has enough variety and flow to keep the advanced rider entertained. Running being my worst discipline, I was off to an early lag-behind; itching to get out on the bike ASAP.

The Murphy-Hanrehan bike course is like a good novel. (For a less metaphorical description, check out the details on the MORC website.) The initial prairie section is an easy introduction that gets you hooked into the storyline. The next section is somewhat tight and twisty, disrupting the

Gilbert Gone...

skipBy Dan Empfield From slowtwitch.com - USA Triathlon (USAT), America's USOC- and ITU-recognized governing body for the sport of triathlon, announced the departure of its executive director Skip Gilbert.

Tim Yount, a longtime USAT executive whose service spans several executive directors, will take charge of the organization on an interim basis, until a replacement is selected.

No one on USAT's board of directors, or on its staff, would speak on the record as to the reason for Gilbert's departure, or indicated whether it was voluntary or whether Gilbert was asked or ordered to leave. Several members of the organization's board indicated a majority of the board voted to constrain all board members to silence about Gilbert's dismissal, such board-imposed silence extending to USAT's staff as well...

Hunky-Dory in Hudson...

goiterSt. Croix Valley Sprint Preview -WARNING: Some of this stuff is made up.

The 10th edition of the unmitigatedly hunky-dory St. Croix Valley Sprint Triathlon will be staged on Saturday logoin the All American and All Wisconsinian river town of Hudson, which incidently, was founded many years ago by an intrepid explorer from French Canadia named Hudson St. Croix. Hudson selected the site for the town that would eventually bear his name because of its proximity to the I-94 Bridge. This allowed him to cross into the Minnesota Territory and buy stuff, important supplies like tobacco and feedbags for his horses, in Oakdale, which was only a half day's horseyback ride from his settlement that was originally named Muttsville, after his faithful, though mangy, multi-indeterminate-breed dog. Changing the community's name to "Hudson" was the idea of his wife Anais (photo), an otherwise lovely woman who had a goiter the size of a crenshaw melon...

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