Kona Countdown: Guac on His Navel...

jmattBy Darin Wieneke

If you have not had the opportunity to meet jMatt Keil, you really should take the time to introduce yourself and converse with him at a future triathlon. There is a saying that we become part of what we are around. If that saying is true, you will leave the conversation with jMatt a more positive, upbeat person. With that said, meet jMatt:

Hi. My name is jMatt Keil (Jon Matthew). I reside in Minneapolis and make my living as a cheerleader for a small production and post production company in the world of advertising. My role is the VP of Business Development for three companies: Runner Runner, Modern Music and Fischer Edit + FX. We help create, shoot and artistically assemble the footage for national TV commercials, web content, music videos, etc.. It's entertaining to "sell" to people (ad agencies) who sell things for a living. Rarely a dull moment...

KONA COUNTDOWN: Secret-Free...

alexBy Darin S. Wieneke

Who will be the fastest Minnesotan at the Ironman World Championships this weekend? There are a number of great triathletes (i.e. Dan Arlandson) that could vie for this distinction, but I am going to make a bold prediction that Alex Hooke (photo L) will be that person. Alex, a biomechanical engineer at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, is super fast and appears to have put in the training to have an outstanding day at Kona. He will also have a great support crew with him, including his wife and about every other Hooke (see below) in Minnesota.

Q & A with Alex Hooke

MTN: Where did you qualify for the Ironman World Championships in Kona?

Alex: I qualified at last year's IM Wisconsin....

KONA COUNTDOWN: Fast Foodie...

cathy leeBy Darin Wieneke

Welcome to the most exciting and anticipated week of the year for triathlon! It is Ironman World Championship week! On Saturday, 1,800 of the best triathletes from around the world will swim in the bay of Kailua-Kona, bike across the Hawaiian lava desert to Hawi and back, and then run along the coast; ultimately finishing along the famous Ali

Let The Arguing Begin...

imAs Zippy the Gibbon (MTN

A Prickly Tickly Tummy Weekend...

ironmanbousus open

Ever get tickly pricklies in your tummy when you're waiting for something that can't get here fast enough?

Us neither.

We lied. Actually, our digestive organs are totally spazzed with anticipation over next weekend's racing schedule (pronounced Britishly: "Shed-Yew-El")...

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